Ukraine Invaded by the Russians - March 2022

Was wondering what happened there. Guys need to get better training.


Russia’s 331st guards airborne regiment was annihilated near Kyiv. The regiment had about 2,000 personnel as well as 200 armored vehicles. Russian media acknowledged the death of Lieutenant colonel Igor Zharov. Lieutenants Andrey Vyshegorodtsev and Rozhenko Evgeny are also KIA.

Google translation:

In the Vladimir region, they said goodbye to Igor Zharov, who died during a special operation in Ukraine. This was announced on Tuesday, March 29, by State Duma deputy Igor Igoshin on his personal page on Vkontakte.

Igor Zharov is from the city of Kirzhach.

According to Arguments and Facts - Vladimir, he graduated from the Ryazan Guards Higher Airborne Command School named after Margelov.

“Today Kirzhach said goodbye to Igor Zharov. The lieutenant colonel died during a military operation to demilitarize and denazify Ukraine. Igor Zharov was posthumously awarded the Order of Courage. Since childhood, the guy wanted to become a military man. He studied at the famous Kirzhach School of the Army named after Valery Karamin. Hundreds of boys came out of it, who chose the profession of defending their homeland, ”the parliamentarian wrote.

It is specified that Igor Zharov went from a platoon commander to the regiment’s chief of staff.

War is a racket:


Question is, are wars just happening and these corporations do their best to take advantage or do they actually contribute, directly or indirectly, in starting and prolonging wars.

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Explains the mindset of those in the Asov knee cap video:
He speaks Russian here.

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Some of the responses to this thread are a great insight into how easily the mind is tricked and how easily it is to convince ourselves we are right and they are wrong regardless of facts.

I read that the miss information on twitter and Facebook around the 2016 election was from only 20 geographical locations and in 2020 the miss information around masks on twitter was from less. Shows how few people it takes to operate a propaganda campaign and for it to be a success.

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every time i see this thread title, i think, “again?!”


Apparently ethnic minorities from poor areas and remote Russian republics are a chunk of the casualties. Same old story


Literally nlaw fodder . Moscow isn’t sending it’s kids that is for sure.


Imagine what you can do with the entire MSM all the internet big tech companies like Google, Twitter and Facebook along with Hollywood and their celebrities and not just in one country but across the entire “free world”


So the 'free world ’ is fked.
Presumably the ‘non free world’ is also fked (notice my clever use of italics for emphasis) .

So everybody is fked , that’s the story now ?

There’s basically no point in saying or doing anything we should just off ourselves , stick our fingers in our ears and shout la-la-la.

I’m still thinking what I could do with a giant M&M though . That’s kinda interesting !

I thought you might object to that Brian, lest we recall the past 2 years of Covid lockdowns, prohibitions on going to church, forced vaccine injections or lose your job and on and on, that we were not free to say what we wanted, I remember you said you always thought the lab leak theory was likely, but MSM and internet giants crushed that line of thought for a year or so, until it became ok to talk about it again.

They are big, what is talking about is small. That was my point.

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I think most scientists and publications got it absolutely wrong , but eventually they came around. The lableak theory is a strong possibility
but one of few potential origins.

It’s not a reason to throw the baby out with the bathwater . Investigating the lableak theory is actually really difficult because of China’s intransigence . That’s the real root of the problem.

I guess if we don’t use our brains we are.

Everyone is a cardboard cut out to the likes of Putin I’m guessing

I also believe there is a certain lack of the use of the brain in some other observable trends.

Just ask will smith :laughing:

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I Cant Quit You GIFs | Tenor


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How many Ukrainian military that have died were the 3 day or 3 week trained conscripts?



Yeah this has been carefully kept under wraps in media.

One report said about 14,000 Azov battalion guys got trapped in Mariupol - they are almost all dead. A handful escaped by dressing up as females and a few are holding out in a steelworks. Ukraines best army of 60,000 are encircled in Donesk republic and are suffering a withering bombardment.

Ukraine now seems ready to give up on its NATO aspirations? Why? Seemed they were winning.

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My dear old thing you need to calm down, no need to get personal about how much time I spend on this website.
But if you insist…

I did not want to clog the thread with statistics which is why I initially did not put all data up, but just to keep you happy its all here now.
I joined 2013. Brian 2016 - (btw this info is easily visible in profile summary for you to check for any lies or damned lies I may have snuck in^^)





The German government implemented the first step, or “early warning stage” of the emergency plan on Wednesday which involves setting up a crisis team of representatives from the federal and state governments, regulators, and private industry, said Robert Habeck, the economy minister, and vice-chancellor.

Reuters is reporting that on Wednesday, Russia’s most senior lawmaker said Russia could widen the demand for ruble payments to other commodities including oil, grain, fertilizers, coal, and metals, raising the risk of recession in Europe and the United States.

They have 3 stages. The third one is “Fuq, what were we thinking when we killed nuclear energy and laughed at Trump when he said relying on one gas supplier was nuts. Anyone have some extra kindling wood?”