Ukraine Invaded by the Russians - September to December 2022

A few of us here knew this a long time ago. The West does not want the war to end. Just wants to sell weapons on behalf of MIC and let Ukies die for a “cause” that the West would never want to die for, unless Liz Truss gets an itchy nuclear trigger finger like she speaks about lately.


Boris Johnson? We all know who really stopped the deal. If Uncle Sam asks the UK to jump, the later can only say how high? But it seems to me the road to end the war is being laid out again, only this time the Ukraine is sure to lose a bunch of territories. Blaming the departing guy is a time honored strategy even in the workplace.

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Fell out the window. Not sure why there was a footprint on his back.


I would say sanctions are to destroy Europe for the planned ‘reset’.
Russia has been preparing for years for sanctions. And you don’t fire 60,000 shells a day without manufacturing the missiles for years.

Well, obviously life won’t get hard for her. She’s a bureaucrat who doesn’t live like a commoner.

Yeah Putin’s black boot print.

Are you guys familiar with how he rose to power?

The infamous Moscow apartment bombings where a FSB crew was even caught in the act of planting a bomb. Guess who was the ex head of the FSB. He is one sick individual.

And targeted assassinations of human rights workers, lawyers, journalists, oligarchs, prominent opposition , ex spies. Just brazen stuff.

I mean looking back at where we are today 。it’s unbelievable Europe could have thought to rely on energy from such a regime.


Regarding the above, this was a good piece which I posted here before. Like the CIA:

I would hedge a bet though, you think and those that wrote the links you posted, that 9/11 was carried out by a bandit in a cave on a 1990s laptop.

Saudi Arabia… And why can’t the USA be included? 60 countries overthrown since WW2.

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Cannot disagree that it is all a scam. One scam after another and another.

In hindight, that wasn’t very bright was it.

If nothing else, this current crisis will help accelerate the transition to renewables. That’s the only silver lining here.


Most people could not care less about what ‘renewables’ the WEF wants in times cold or starvation.
It seems neither does China or India as they do as they please.

Sure it was just an accident /s



Blimey, it’s Paul Joseph Watson, Alex Jones’ protégé :crazy_face:

Tin foil, brother. Universal thingie to put on your head in case “reset” cometh…

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Scommy is seeing this from the guys like Solovyov, Skabeeva etc, he knows the absolute truth! How is the battle for a cowshed outside Bakhmut in a"3-days-capture-kiev- denazify-demilitarize-special-operation", any updates from the past month, scommy? Is khuilo going to blow up the nuke station by the way, or will shit his pants as always?

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I’m out of my depth, but I’m going to go out on a limb here, mainly because the New York Post has already sort of explained things. I’m no tech-head, but this video seems to communicate the idea that a drone called Mavic, when serving as a kind robotic artillery scout/forward observer, can somehow be technologically (cybernetically? digitally?) persuaded to switch sides:

As an aside: interestingly (I think), in this one we get to see the Russians as just regular guys.

Made by China’s DJI, I mean, why would anyone be surprised?

I don’t know enough about the tech stuff to be a judge of that part. I was afraid to say much of anything beyond non-tech conclusions about what seems to have happened, and I wasn’t even completely sure that my non-tech conclusions were right.

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The most likely way would be sniffing the frequency and code used between the drone and remote, and then send out a much stronger signal to get control of the drone.


Not very well designed military hardware if they can do that.

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But don’t the Ukrainian fellows deserve a little bit of credit for cleverness? Just asking. :slight_smile:

By the way, I also think the Russian guys deserve a little credit for figuring out they’d been had, and for seeking somewhere else to hang out.

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