Ukraine Invaded by the Russians - September to October 2022

But it’s not military hardware, it’s just a DJI commercial drone.

Back in February and March, the Russians were also detecting signals from Ukraine’s DJI drones as soon as they launched, and shell their location.

Holy smokes, is there a way to prevent that?

Otherwise, what’s the point in having those things?

The Ukrainians started to launch the drones from a position away from their troops as a misdirect.

Ah, I finally a solution that doesn’t require any tech knowledge to understand! :slight_smile:

I read someplace a while back that they had also turned off or spoofed the GPS then just fly by sight.

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Yeah, because starting from a certain firmware version, the drone would send out unencrypted telemetry of itself and the remote in the handshake signals.

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Didn’t DJI also give Russia an updated version of the tracking software before it was commercially released? or was just internet scuttlebutt?

Video of Ukrainians being shelled immediately after launching a DJI drone.

I think the Russians definitely knew how to use these signals. Although, it would seem like the Ukrainians are also able to use these signals now.

Wait what, they had encrypted telemetry and upgraded to a version that would send out unencrypted telemetry? That’s quite a bug they created in the software can’t believe it was deliberate,

I think the information wasn’t included in the previous versions. Since these are commercial drones, I can imagine why it was not encrypted.

Was it a feint or some preplanned Western thing?

if my understanding was correct, it was something to do with an upgrade on the obstacle avoidance, so multiple drones could fly in the same area and not hit each other, also geo fencing no fly zones.

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By the way, we had a thread on the DJI firmware situation

As @olm said


Time for peace:

Another one:

Hand written receipts:

Meanwhile, in EU districts:
Protests in Germany against sanctions that shaft Germans:

Giving money for missile messages, thinking the bombs were actually real or fired. Another money making scam. And if prosecution follows…

Do you ever post a link that’s negative about Russia?

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From the UN - glad the Russians stopped the Ukrainian attack on the Nuclear plant:

Just making it all equal with those who jump onto the next thing the media tells them to hate or worship. Interesting that you see peace as being pro-Russian.

It appears not.

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Not necessarily, but your links are without argument pro-Russian.

Regarding the assassination of Oleksiy Kovalyov and his wife, there seem to have been similar acts in the past few weeks:

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