Ukraine Invasion: General Discussion, November-December 2022

Seems unlikely, or even ridiculous. Canada didn’t even deport US draft dodgers back to the US in the Vietnam war, why would the Trudeau government pay to send Ukrainian women back to fight and die?

Which assumes that women getting drafted isn’t bullshit. Not saying it is, but I am learning not to bother looking into these sorts of claims that the posters also haven’t looked into.

And on second thought, I’m a feminist in vein that if a draft is necessary, women can serve as well. Why not draft women, you think they aren’t good enough? Cause let us face it, some men are not cut out for war, either. I’d rather avoid it, TBH

it evacuated the crew but tons are missing? did they get kidnapped by the great boogey man CAPTAIN AMERICA CIA AGENT? something is happening, nothing seems right in Russia, men are fighting front lines fighting to the death with no weapons, food, and some of the worst conditions known to a industrial nations man. Millions of men fleeing the country, the atmosphere must be bleek…a mist…a pissy shit hazey mist.

Putin has now created something he is scared shitless of. He knew invasion wouldn’t be easy but there is no way they expected this kind of resistance. The resistance is so strong now that Putin legit as fuck is scared shitless for the future of russia…he thinks this might plunge his nation into a UN NAZI gay parade in downtown Moscow in latex leather suites. The horror of gay woke agenda being taught to his kids has Putin in a corner.

I wonder if they have a big “Z” merch shop :thinking:

Ukraine has some cool urban legends…

What are Russia’s? I need to consult my sources, @cake @KHHville .

Sasha the bullet sponge?

Ivan the toilet thief?

The moscovian toilet mauler?

The garden gnome tiktok brigader toilet haulers. over 200 toilets stolen.

Don’t forget the Russian department of loot and found you…

We know which side you two guys are on.

The side of peace. It’s a highly righteous side to be on.

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I also played goldeneye on the n64 when I was 12.

Max Blumenthal (born December 18, 1977) is an American journalist, author and blogger who is the editor of The Grayzone website, which is known for spreading conspiracy theories and engaging in denial of atrocities committed by dictatorial regimes

He is a regular contributor to Russian state-owned Sputnik and RT, and has been accused of spreading Russian propaganda.[11][12][13]

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

incredible news source. A guy who writes news for the Kremlin.
Thats one evil mother fucker. seen his white walker looking ass on Fox News on tucker carbon

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Had too look that up, what on earth is a “white walker”?


A White Walker is a humanoid creature from the HBO television series Game of Thrones

Seems kind of on par with “Gweilo” that the Cantonese use, was that the kind of thing you were aiming for @KINGKONGDONK ?

You have to admit, the resemblance is striking


Quoting Wikipedia I see. The go to place for swamp truth.
Just to let you know, almost everything from the media you read daily on Ukraine is probably bullshit. The media has been doing it for decades.
‘The news and truth are different things’ as Walter Lipman said 100 years or so ago.
Now, can you refute the piece from the Grayzone?
Hit pieces on them are easy to find though.

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I was just telling my friend this the other day! Huffing glue is such a thrill, but one google search? Yeah of course it tells you this sort of fun is bad for you.

MSM/Big Healthcare hit pieces about the dangers of glue huffing are easy to find, so I’m just going to wait until someone gives me a more reputable source for refuting glue huffing. I won’t fall for the global conspiracy/collusion hogwash like the other sheeple. /parody

Wikipedia can be fallible, but it is a hell of a lot better than propaganda-laced websites like “The Grayzone”

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Does that mean all msm news or any news should be fact-checked by some person in their underwear editing Wikipedia?
The only time I use Wikipedia is to check on say a footballer’s stats or some band biopic. And those are not always correct if you have knowledge of them beforehand.
Who fact-checks the fact-checkers? Who polices Wikipedia?

Let’s face it, the Grayzone has fans for the same reason RT likes that dude to write for them, we all like to hear others say what we already want to believe.


Some foreigners apparently killed fighting Russia in last few days, is it the same TW guy ? Sort looks different but was not aware of many tw guys over there.

Second in from top left

Japanese vol there

44 intercepts out of 50 launches seems a very high proportion, but one can’t theorise on its plausibility, so I won’t

Over here, you can theorize as much as you want. But some people don’t care to read every random thought that springs up, hence 2 threads :slightly_smiling_face:

But its hard to keep up and cross reference when you haven’t read for a while, people are talking about stuff and have to go to the other thread to find out what it is.

It’s because real developments are few and far between, Speculation is rife and is more suited to this thread.

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