Ukraine Invasion: General Discussion, November-December 2022

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On Ukraine, while not being anti-Nato, I think the West interfered in Euromaidan, in effect laying the groundwork to overthrow a democratically elected but pro-Russian leader.

Then jumping into the fray this time without thinking how it would impact supply chains or the average Joe and Jane in the pocket book for energy.

During the Cuban missile crisis, Kennedy wouldn’t allow warheads in Cuba.

In the 19C, the Monroe Doctrine dictated neutrality for European powers in the Americas.

Yet, we are in their backyard and sphere of influence.The promises made by James Baker after German reunification on NATO expansion? Not saying anyone should capitulate to Putin, but what happened to discussions and trying to de-escalate?

With Hunter Biden’s links to Ukraine etc., the Dems have become the Chickenhawks.

What has always made America great was openness to discuss, even those with whom you disagree with. In this era of jingoism and polarisation, I think groupthink has won :neutral_face:


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Tseng’s pastor, Tamih Hkaw Cilangasan, commemorated him on facebook. Tseng wasn’t acutally Amis Pangcah. He was really a Sakizaya. So his people experienced genocide by the Qing government, and his family barely escaped to friendly Pangcah tribes where they hid their identities for a century. Around the time of the 1996 Taiwan strait missile crisis, his family briefly moved to Belize, probably anticipating a full-blown war. All these cultural and personal experiences made Tseng very aware of the pain of losing one’s home. Tseng was also a very committed christian, and voluntarily served in the ROC army prior to the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Tseng felt compelled to help, and resigned his post early to join the Foreign Legion.


Russia takes out electricity and water supplies for the majority of a country before winter. That’s fine. Ukraine targets a bit of infrastructure, that’s Nazis. With the support of the evil NATO and/or UK.


Let me correct you on that. Ukrops limeys et al attacked the Crimea bridge infrastructure first. Then Russia retaliated in kind. Pretty simple. :grin:

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Let me correct you on that. The bridge is a part of military infrastructure used by the russofascists to supply their invasion troops. :grinning:

If I may correct everyone, Putin invaded Ukraine.




I g u e s s the other thread will become an echo chamber of hope.

I don’t know about echo chambers, I only post on Forumosa. Where else do you proffer your opinions?

Glad to see you recognize how positive developments are for the Ukrainians :slight_smile:


If that’s a request for me to go back there and delete your posts that didnt get moved, just ignore this post and I’ll go do that.

  1. the most confusing fucking part about the pro-russia crowd is that they refuse to obey any sort of authority, say they will go down with a gun in their hand if somebody tries to take their freedom, but G U E S S fucking what? Ukraine tries to do it? it’s not right because we need peace.

can anybody explain this shit to me?
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  1. the anti-nato crowd claim NATO is bad, but NATO is created to be a strong detterant to the likes of PUTIN and XI pings of the world.

Hard to address a made up concocted version of a stereotype that only exists in your head. People are not caricatures you conjure up in your imagination and what motivates people differs.


so do you support Ukraine’s right to defend themselves against oppression and microchip vaccination?

Stupid reply, of course Ukrainians have the right to defend themselves.

Didn’t think your reply could get stupider, you outdid yourself.

glad to see you finally Pro-ukraine. SLAVAAA UKRAINI!