Ukraine Invasion: Specific Developments, November-December 2022

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Not sure if someone mentioned this already.

The Americans and the Dutch are refurbishing 90 Czech T72s and giving them to Ukraine. They are not from the Czech army, it’s just a bunch of out-dated tanks that the Czech government doesn’t know what to do with. American and Dutch money will goto upgrading fire-control system, thicker armor, a new stabilization system for the 125-millimeter main gun and an uprated, 840-horsepower engine.


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Russians needlessly suffering heavy losses to the point where their elite marines don’t want to continue.

New mobilized Russian troops are choosing to surrender en masse whenever they can instead of being used as cannon fodder.

Russian troops rushing into a house in Pavlivka, which was hit by Ukrainian artillery. Some Russians actually escaped their fate by moving too slowly.

aren’t soldiers trained to never go in major clusters? wtf was that. like 12 lives gone in a flash. insane.

You could have stopped there.


This is why I loathe the celebrity class.

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John McAfee

Back from the dead

Russian defense line in Kherson is crumbling. The sudden attack at the central part of Khetson caught Russians by surprise, and Ukrainians are already in Barativka.

Russia shills found dead in a ditch.


Ukrainians has full control of Kalynivs’ke in the Kherson region

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Map is already changing

Uncle Fester ordering retreat, but they got about 16-20k soldiers stuck there unable to exit.

an absolute disaster, Russia was hoping for Dunkirk escape but ended up getting absolutely fucked.

Russia Suffers ‘Catastrophic Strategic Disaster’ In Ukraine, Says Pentagon

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