Ukraine Invasion: Specific Developments, November-December 2022

I watch Zolkin Volodymyr interviews with Russian POW’s. Several of them said they were sent to the front and were told they would be shot at if they retreat.
Some of them witnessed that and also were shelled by own troops. They are genuinely scared of it. Besides there are threats of imprisonment and worse for disobeying orders.

The mobilized are thrown to the front lines without training and supplies. The second line are contractors/wagners/kadyrivites who won’t let them retreat.

I think it is quite believable from horse’s mouth. I watched many videos and can’t point to the exact part of a video where they say it right now. They are long and those soldiers have different stories.

I think this video has it. That guy is not even conscripted or a soldier, he was tricked. Hired to do a job as a diver by a Russian company, but ended up on the front.


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Anyways, with Ukraine really making solid gains, Putin has less and less allies within and outside of Russia. Certainly China has also warned him against going nuclear. Checkmate?

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Kherson city


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Yeah, that’s not fun, I’ve been there with a guy laughing (nervous as English isn’t his first language) throughout the whole procedure.

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The man on the screen says that he can go to prison for supporting the withdrawal, but that he can also go to prison for opposing the withdrawal.

One lady holds up a sign that says, literally, “two words” (“два слова”) and is immediately arrested. After she’s taken away, another lady appears and tells the cameraman that she supports the invasion, and she’s also immediately arrested.

Kind of reminds me of this old joke:


Wait until China annexes Russia.

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Then the plot would really thicken!

So impressed by Ukraine’s determination to protect their homeland

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Did you now? :thinking: :face_with_raised_eyebrow:



Peskov claims Kherson is still Russia…