Ultimate Frisbee anyone?

I’m coming to Taipei in a few weeks and was wondering if there are any groups that play Ultimate frisbee regularly. I have cousins in Taipei who claim there’s not enough open space and people don’t use frisbees anyway. Even if so, anyone interested in getting together for regular games? Post replies here.

I would be interested, although it does seem like it would be hard to find open space…perhaps a soccer (ahem, I mean football) field or open park. None come to mind immediately, but other people here will probably know more potential spots. Let me know if you get a group going though! I’m only here for another month, but I would enjoy a game or two of Ultimate before I head home.

The soccer fields are usually taken by organized soccer teams. Your best bet is the riverside parks. There’s a huge grassy area along the Jilong river on both sides of the no. 1 freeway. Another convenient location is in the park right next to Yuanshan MRT; there’s a grassy area right next to Zhongshan N. Rd. It’s not as big as the other place, but much easier to get to.

Sean, I haven’t seen the proper Discraft discs in Taipei. Why don’t you bring several over when you come and we’ll get a game going!

There’s an ultimate team that plays every Sunday afternoon at 3-4 at the riverside park on the Yonghe side. Also, if you’re looking for a proper Disccraft disc, someone on the team should be able to hook you up.

Directions to the field are here:


Holy shit…I live literally right across the river from the Yonghe park. I wish I’d known sooner! Thanks for the heads up.

Perhaps Da An park might have enough room? I’ll play. It’s been years, but I still like it.

Great to see all these replies. Thanks for the info on the existing groups. I’d be happy to ferry over a Disccraft disc for anyone interested. Cheers