Ultimate Frisbee

I noticed several participants in this forum looking for a good workout without shelling out a bundle on a health club membership. Ultimate frisbee is your answer. Every Saturday afternoon in Shirlin b[/b] next to Bai-Ling Bridge on the riverbank soccer field, a bunch of us get together to play disc. The field is 10-15 min. walk (going west) from the Chien Tan b[/b] MRT station. People of all levels are welcome. Starting time is 3:00. Be sure to bring lots of water, and cleats if you’ve got any.
Ken (0920-059-749)

Hey, cool, glad to see the info here for ultimate frisbee. You guys should all check this game out. It’s not the old camp version, but rather a real, competitive sport. The people are super friendly, too. They love to teach the game (so it doesn’t fade into obscurity.) Hope to see you on the fields.

Yes Ultimate Frisbee is fun. Both men and women are welcome and we have players of all skill levels showing up to play.
This coming weekend (NOV 16-17) we will have a Tournament at the Bai-Ling Bridge river park; there will be at least 6 teams from all over Taiwan. Come and see what it’s all about. Get on the field and play. New comers are particularly welcome as we want to see the sport grow in Taiwan as it has all over the world. We also go to international tournaments around Asia.
Go to renegadeprovince .com for more information, ie maps and times etc.

That’s www.renegadeprovince.com for more info. I’ll try to make it, looks cool.

(just thought I’d clean that link up) :wink:

My friend from Kaohsiung is coming up this Saturday for the tournament. I don’t play, but I might just go watch if it’s not too freakin’ hot outside. It’s funny that the webpage for the team gives him credit as the “baptist missionary”