Ultra Music Festival, world’s leading franchise, Taipei 14/11/2020

Ultra Music Festival, the world’s leading electronic dance music festival franchise, has announced a Taiwan event for next month – its first physical event since the coronavirus pandemic broke out.

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Nice! Time to go rub it in my friends’ faces in Canada.

Dammit Tango, another difficult topic to save! But it is saved!

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Only $3200 for a one day pass? Is it a week long party?

Before covid i went to a 3 day music festival in kenting i think it was spring break but not the show that one person came to watch that they moved to the middle of nowhere…
The pre china sickness kenting beach party i went to was boasting 10,000 people a day to attend, and about 500 came for 3 days
Total flop, but there was free beer for 2 hours a day ( unfortunately they didnt bring enough ice) warm beer… we drank a shit load of warm beer to deal with the sadness.
90% of the big djs canceled when they saw ticket sales… so it was super weak .

We saw 2 house music dj that were ok,But they were not on a main stage …
I felt sorry for the promoters or promoter , one guy was really nice . It was easy to talk with the English speaker when it was just 20-30 standing around

I vowed to never go to a taiwan dj party again…

will this show be different? Is taiwan hungry ?
Curious to hear what happens there

Ultra does fairly well in Taipei and they keep returning. Other global ones held at Dajia Riverside park do OK but every now and then a flop or partial flop and hard to predict. Is Taiwan.

The last big one S20 music festival early September was pretty crowded and huge stage.

Ok , its a one day event? If so does that include alcohol?

I was there last year. It’s a huge production and a lot of fun. And it will be mobbed. All the ABC TBA types love this shit.

Price List:
*GA Tier 1: NT$3,000
*GA Tier 2: NT$3,200
*GA Tier 3: NT$3,400
*GA Tier 4: NT$3,600
*VIP Tier 1: NT$4,800
*VIP Tier 2: NT$5,500

The process for entering the event

Please enter with your e-ticket in hand, the process will be as follows

  • Body temperature check
  • Security check
  • Ticket and ID check
  • Receive wristband for Road to Ultra Taiwan

Safety Regulations

To ensure the safety of patrons of this event, please be aware of the following

COVID-19 Safety Protocols:
  • Body temperature will be checked at the door, anyone with body temperature over 37.5 degrees Celsius will not be allowed into the venue, and tickets are not refundable.
  • Masks are required upon entry. Please prepare in advance, masks are not provided or sold on site.
  • Hands must be sanitized with alcohol upon entry.
  • Food areas are subjected to capacity control.
  • Please register before or at the event providing legal name (matching passport or ID), contact information, and travel history.
  • International attendees will have to conform with Taiwan Center of Disease Control and local city regulation for quarantine measures.
  • COVID-19 safety protocols are subjected to change according to Taiwan Center of Disease Control regulations.
What is forbidden at the event
  • In accordance with Civil Aviation Authority regulations, balloons, drones, fireworks, and laser pointers are strictly prohibited at this event
  • Umbrellas or parasols (folding umbrellas are NOT allowed), flagpoles, selfie sticks, benches, chairs, stools, foldable chairs or any objects that can be potentially used as a weapon.
  • Fire causing, knives, sticks, and glass type items or any kind
  • Illegal products such as illegal drugs and dangerous goods
  • All cigarettes, lighters, matches, electronic cigarettes/vapes, vape liquids/oil are NOT allowed, the venue will be selling cigarettes
  • Any and all drinks and foods
  • Any type of containers. water bags or thermos bottles
  • Large Format video cameras (with exception of those approved by the organizer)
Forbidden items at the main stage area
  • Small mats or cushions, picnic mats. inflatable sofa, folding chairs, hammock are forbidden at the main stage area. If you bring any prohibited items to each of the area, the staff will confiscate your belongings without seeing them again
What we suggest that you bring less of
  • Please keep all metal products to a minimum as they might disrupt the metal detectors
What you can bring
  • Insect repellant and sunblock
  • Hats and light jackets
  • Small mats or cushions, picnic mats (if you wish to sit on the grass). Picnic mats not allowed in main stage dance area
  • Banners/flags (please remember to be respectful to the national flag)
  • External battery pack
  • Small gimbal or image stabilization handles for Gopro or cellphone under 15cm (top to bottom) is allow. Any extendable(telescopic) or folding handles are NOT allowed!
What you must bring
  • Your ticket
  • National ID Card, Driver’s License, Health Insurance Card, or Passport
  • Cash or credit card
  • Personal hygiene mask
  • Good attitude


Agreed. To my knowledge, there’s not much to do this year for the EDM scene.

Maybe a good thing as most of my EDM going friends all have turned their money that they would throw at EDM concerts to domestic nature trips.

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No way masks will be worn after entry.

Haha, seriously? They want people coming?

In this article everyone wear mask , however for an open-air concert like Ultra Festival could be different…

Yeah but that was a completely lame mandopop concert. I couldn’t imagine going to an EDM event and wearing a mask. Certainly the one three weeks ago there was no masks in sight. Same with the punk festival I was at last month.

All these huge gatherings and still no increase to the corona count though. The regulation has to be there, but I guess it’s up to the people whether they want to wear them.

Knowing the EDM crowd, they’ll bedazzle or figure out a way to install LEDs on their masks.

There is no virus. How do we catch a virus if no one has it…


Location Map , Dajia Riverside Park 大佳河濱公園

Main Stage Set times


While Chuang and Yu did not name the visitors who broke quarantine, the event’s official website lists four DJs – Kayzo, Vini Vici, Slander and Alesso – who it said were invited to Taiwan to perform at the concert.


Pocket change for giant global djs

seems the same organizer has repeatably postponed another event and also repeatedly failed to refund ticket holders after promising to repay.

i think basic ticket price was like 4000+ with no “headliner” acts even announced…
brilliant business plan sell overpriced tickets for a non-existent event and then use loopholes to keep the cash.

there is a lot of talk about it on ppt and fb about how unhappy kids are about shady companies taking money for tickets.