Ultra Stylish Men's Fashion Stores

Hi - I’m going to be visiting Taipei from Tokyo for a few days next month, and am looking for your suggestions on edgy, ultra-fashionable men’s clothing stores. eg

In particular the look I like is Japanese-Italian, but I would settle for finding a few stores that hold the most edgy, fashionable clothing in Taiwan.


That stuff would come from Japan, or Korea :wink:

That would probably the kinda gay shops you are looking for (I am not kidding or making fun oif you or gays by the way). I went shopping with some lesbian (T obviously) friends, and I think they have good stuff (but a quite nazi looking death’s head as logo) in a shop called “secret service” on the 4th parallel street to zhongxiao east road, in the area “behind” the Luxy club.


Thanks will check it out.

I guess none of the stores have websites?


That’s edgy and ultra-fashionable? :astonished: Looks like the worst of the 80s to me.

The first item seems to come from here:

If you’re not into “Men’s Fudge” then you are not edgy and stylish enough.

That particular outfit never fails to turn heads.

Please feel free to post pics of what you are wearing.


men’s Fashion?

what ever will they think of next to waste money on.

In terms of a darker aesthetic Secret Service has Julius, MA_Julius, Nude: MM, but the prices are twice what you will pay in Japan, so there is really no reason for you come to shopping here.

Danchu near the Dunhua Rotunda also has Rick Owens, Damir Doma, and Thamanyah.

In all seriousness the markup in Taipei makes it cheaper to buy with a random 10%-20% coupon from any european or american store and pay the full price for shipping. If you live in Japan I see no reason at all you should spend money here.

Cheaper and vastly more variety in Tokyo.

Wow thanks - a bit of a surprise but I guess that will save me a bit of time otherwise spent trawling though clothes stores. More time for my other goals: acquisition of prescription meds, skincare products and getting delicious food in me belly.

Having said that, I will probably still take a look. I don’t mind so much if the clothing costs a little more, provided that it is a piece that fits well, compliments my collection and is of reasonable quality. Will also check out accessories etc