Umbrella tactics

Cars tumble into construction site as road caves in

“Some buildings even started to lean slightly. But the construction company completely ignored the problem after we went to talk to them,” Chen complained angrily.

In response, however, some representatives of the company that is developing the site – the Cheng Chi Construction Corp – yesterday said that the foundation of Lane 156 was already fragile before the excavations started because the Taiwan Power Co the Taipei Water Department and the Chunghwa Telecom Co have all buried electric cables and water pipes under the road surface.


Right, like always. Just say that it’s someone else’s fault.

And the contractor was told to get things running smoothly again as soon as possible… so what?

Are you trying to increase your karma nox? This post and the one about corruption could have gone in a pre-existing forum I think…

And yes, it’s a shitty situation, but I think it has more to do with the Department of Safety (or whoever the hell is in charge of that kind of thing here) not conducting checks on the stability of the site, rather than the contractor being negligent. It seems to be the way here that if you can get away with something and make your money, then who gives a fuck about safety and regulations; just so long as nothing goes wrong while you’re in the middle of building the damn thing. :smiley:

No, not at all. Nothing to do with “karma”. Do you want some?

Anyway, I didn’t know there was an existing forum, sorry.

But things like this happen too often in Taiwan. Just state that the other party is at fault, easy isn’t it. Probably because they have a bigger bank account.

It’s about safety, imagine you’re passing by and the road collapses under your feet. Later on (if you’re still alive) the contractor tells you, hey it’s the other guys fault because they have put a cable under the road. Duh… This is no excuse and it shouldn’t be an excuse.

It’s a lack of professionalisme, and it’s about the money. Why build a stronger wall, it’s more money and probably nothing will happen … yeah right.

The problem is not so much that this thread belongs in a different forum, but that the title is deceptive. I thought you were going to discuss important matters like (1) is it ever acceptable to steal someone else’s umbrella when someone steals yours first? (2) if so, what is the best strategy for doing so without getting busted? (3) what is the best strategy for dealing with pedestrians who cram their umbrellas in your face? (4) is it appropriate to swing an umbrella to and fro as a defensive maneuver in response to mindless, meandering pedestrians? Those are the types of “umbrella tactics” that need addressing.