Umbrella with the Taiwan flag on top

I am looking for an umbrella with the taiwanese flag on the top, where can I find one?

Not sure, but are you actually thinking of the ones from the KMT? I have no idea how you would get one, but if they are the KMT umbrellas, I would just walk into their headquarters and ask, if you are in Taipei. Big smile and a foreigner face might score you one or at least let you purchase one.

I remember seeing a lot of stuff with the KMT flag on it in the souvenir shop at Sun Yat Sen Memorial Hall. I think they had umbrellas.

I believe the KMT emblem star points touch the sides, while those of the national emblem do not.

I just thought of that because I thought it was the flag, not the KMT symbol, the first time I saw one. It was undoubtedly a spiffy-looking umbrella.

They used to give them away at KMT headquarters when there were KMT political campaigns on. But I don’t know where KMT headquarters is any more.

Taipei City Hall has a gift shop. You might try there.