Umm why can't I read the IP forum?

Is there a secret hand shake or something?

Have I been deemed not worthy?

What gives :ponder:

Why would you want to is another question I’ve begun asking myself. :wink:

Strange that you can’t. Working on this end.

My problem is that I can see the IP forum. Nice people do not want to see that hate-filled cesspool, it clouds up my rose-shaded glasses. If I wanted to see hate, terrorism and quagmires I would look outside my window.

Can you give me the bug that Pubba has? No really, I mean it.

Simple - see no evil.

The trick is, if you click on the SITE MAP below, IP will not let you in there.
Otherwise it will.

To get into IP via the site map you have to click on Crossfire.

Took me 3 month, 2 weeks, 6 days and 21 hours to find that out… :aiyo: