UN, Congo, Pedophilia(with a dash of France, to boot!)

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[quote]The expert was a Frenchman who worked at Goma airport as part of the UN

flipper wrote [quote]why do I think that if this had been done by a US soldier or government contractor in Iraq it would get more coverage? goes to show the left only cares about anything when the us can be blamed.[/quote]

Yes, on one hand it shows media bias against non-American atrocities. But it also shows the cheap cost of African life; how many nig-gers have to die/be harmed before it is newsworthy?

It just does not compute to me that there is no coverage.

Reuters ran a story on this a week ago.
Reuters, Dec. 17, U.N. reports sex abuse among peacekeepers in Burundi

AP ran a story one month ago.
AP, Nov. 24, U.N. peacekeepers face abuse charges

The UN issued a press briefing on the Congo abuse allegations.
UN Dept. of Peacekeeping, Nov 22, Press Briefing on sexual exploitation allegations related to UN Mission in Democratic Republic of Congo

This news first broke IRIN, May 10, 2004, UN Mission probes sex abuse claims

The Flopping Aces US (California) Blog doesn’t show any hint of some kind of coverup because of a media bias. They say that the news is further evidence that the UN is completely corrupt. Does evidence that some percentage of your peacekeepers/soldiers were involved in prohibited activity imply that the organization is corrupt?

The Captain’s Quarters Blog lists blogs with information or commentary on this topic. Most of them condemn the UN for taking so long to crack down on these charges. They say that at least in Abu Graib there was investigations and people have already been tried for their crimes. Yet the UN, they say, has been dragging it’s heels, as though they would intentionally allow such reprehensible activity to occur.

It seems that the two new Burundi charges were what brought your news story to the front again. The allegations made in Burundi were a result of the investigation that is ongoing in the Congo. It looks like people are more interested in seeing Rumsfeld in Iraq than hearing about an investigation that is still in the works.

UN peacekeepers have been accused of, well, raping children in Bosnia as well:

And in Eritrea:

And Cambodia, Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone:

You say that the “left” don’t care as much about what happens to UN peacekeepers when they are not US troops. I believe you are not talking about the left who support varying degrees of social or political or economic change designed to promote the public welfare, but some other kind of person that I’m not sure exists. The right opposes changes in policy, so perhaps the right would say that the UN’s recent policy change to disallow prostitution is too liberal. It’s nothing new for soldiers to want to visit prostitutes. What’s new is the social change that is occurring in the world that is making laws against prostitution viable. The Pentagon is drafting a lawagainst it. Controversy about US military prostitution follows wherever US troops go, like this case in the Philipines where they suggested US soldiers should go to museums, not to brothels. Of course, the UN should be no different. The UN has already got a new policy against prostitution by UN peacekeepers, and now the US will hopefully make a law against it, too.

I don’t think there is a question of the left being insensitive to child prostitution, but there are differences between this case and the case at Abu Graib. These differences make it appear that the left is acting differently in each situation.

Can US soldiers legally visit prostitutes in the countries they work in? In Bosnia they had their own brothels called Texas and Philadelphia. New UN regulations make prostitution subject to discipline - which means that the offending troops must return home to face discipline in their home country.

The UN leaves prosecution up to the military of the member nation when their troops are accused of such acts. Should the UN gain jurisdiction over soldiers, from the US or from other nations, who are working as peacekeepers? I can hardly believe that the US would allow such UN courts to rule on US soldiers. Where would the soldiers go, to some sort of UN jail?

[quote]Soldiers from S-FOR, or Stabilisation Force, Bosnia

:bravo: Another pathetic Republican ploy to discredit the UN. As if soldiers throughout history haven’t abused the local population. US troops in Okinawa, French troops in Algeria, Japanese troops everywhere they went… soldiers can always be expected to be frustrated horny men (or women, I suppose). Is it really any surprise? What’s interesting is that Republicans (and other John Birch Society members) really feel that this should mean the death knell for the UN. By that argument basically any military power living on foreign soil should immediately be disbanded. Consider the economic implications of this on the local prostitutes you heartless man.
I wholeheartedly support the death penalty for child abusers. :fume: They can use cheap Wal-Mart bullets to do the job so it wouldn’t cost much.

However, I DO believe that if this had been a U.S. soldier in, let’s say IRAQ or AFGHANISTAN, that the whole world would be talking about it overnight as an example of how terrible those nasty American soldiers are being to the poor, defenseless Iraqi people. Everyone loves to paont the finger, and the one they most love to point the finger at the most is the Americans. Abuses from other nationalities in the developed world are quickly and conveniently glossed over as isolated cases.

Every army in history has regularly frequented prostitutes when on foreign soil.* A bunch of 20 year old red-blooded boys in good physical shape, thousands of miles away from their girlfriends. Duh-uh. :loco: What do you expect? It’s extremely unrealistic to get puritanical about it. And if their needs aren’t satisfied by whores, the boys will turn to other means to satisfy that itch. So which do you prefer to see flourish - prostitution or rape?

Pedophiles are an entirely different story. I’ve said it a million times and I’ll say it again - those perverts should first be castrated, then executed. Execution by castration - that’s a good idea.

*or in Taiwan’s case, while on soil, period. Boat trip to Jinmen?

twocs, i am not talking about prostitution(which i believe should be legalized). i am talking about raping 12 year old girls and then selling the tape you made in your high tech rape room.

once again, you’ve proven my point. i link to an article about un employees raping girls while on a mission in the congo and you spend a whole post talking about…how evil the us is. :laughing:

sbmoor, what kind of messed up logic are you using for your post? let me go through your response line by line:

1.) pointing out that un employee sent on a humanitarian mission is taping his rape of young kids is just a ploy. hell, anything bad about the un(peacekeepers and contractors raping kids, huge kickbacks from oil-for-food, etc) is a republican ploy because i refuse to say anything bad about the un.

2.) guys are horny. why make a big deal out of an un employee raping kids and then selling the tapes on the streets?

3.) oh come on, a little kid rape always happens when military men are based on foreign soil…even though this guy was NOT a military official…but let’s pretend i have a clue what i’m talking about

4.) even though i just spent a whole post talking about how this child abuse was not a big deal, i really do care about kids not being raped…really, i do


did you actually read your own post before you hit submit?

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[quote]Widespread allegations of sexual exploitation and abuse of Congolese women, boys and girls have been made against U.N. personnel who were sent to help and protect them


[quote]Widespread allegations of sexual exploitation and abuse of Congolese women, boys and girls have been made against U.N. personnel who were sent to help and protect them

Chewy - some more about the degenerate state of the blue hats:

[quote]CONGO: Sex
Democratic Republic of the Congo (Congo, formerly Zaire)
February 16, 2005: The dam has finally broken on coverage of UN sex crimes in the Congo. On February 11, the UN secretary-general

And just when you thought things couldn’t get any worse at the UN, ex-Dutch PM and UN Refugee Head Ruud “Lewd” Lubbers quits over sexual harrassment claims.


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Can someone tell me what the “real reforms” in this list are???

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