Un-hide the BCC field when receiving an email in Outlook?

Is there any way to see the names in the BCC list when receiving an email with MS Outlook (not Express)?

:?: Any nifty tool you experts can recommend? :?:

You’re not supposed to see the BCC, that is what it’s for. I don’t think that imformation is available, if you can see the BCC list by just looking at the header, it loses it’s purpose.

I know what it is supposed to do but there are also tools to make passwords visible, so why not the BCC field!?

Passwords are there, just drawn in away so you can’t see it, BCC isn’t there at all.

Passwords is like invisible ink - can be revealed.
BCC is like a blank piece of paper, nothing to reveal…

Okay, you got a point there. Not that I don’t trust you but can anyone confirm this?
Where are the cracks and hackers around here? :smiley:

“matthewh” is right. You are not supposed to see the addresses on a BCC field. The mail server removes the headings before the email is delivered to its receipiants. Sorry to bust your hope.