UN08: CHINA HUMAN RIGHTS PROGRAM Tonight (4/28, Mon, 7:30pm)

Tonight (4/28, Mon, 7:30pm) CHINA HUMAN RIGHTS PROGRAM

Urban Nomad 2008 will screen Hu Jia’s “Prisoners of Freedom City” in which a prominent human rights activist filmed with his wife Zeng Jinyan during their 7-month house arrest from August 2006 to March 2007. Hu Jia was recently sentenced to 3.5 years in jail for state subversion.

The other film will be a 2006 documentary by Hu Jie (no relations to Hu Jia), “Though I Am Gone”, a look back on a bloody August 5th, 1966 during Cultural Revolution when a school teacher was beaten to death by her 16-year-old students.

Both films will have both Chinese and English subtitles.

A discussion forum is scheduled after the screenings, to be led by Wang Hsing-chung from Taiwan For Tibet and Ilya Eric Lee from Social Brain Foundation. This discussion will be in Chinese only.

The location is Taipei Artist Village, No. 7 Beiping East Road. Admission is NT$200, Students NT$150

a program of short films will follow

I am Here and There
Hsu Tsen-chu 許岑竹 / 2008 / USA 美國 / animation 動畫 / 3min / Ch/En 中/英
The Children 小孩
Huang Chia-yu 黃嘉昱 / 2007 / Taiwan 台灣 / animation 動畫 / 3min / En 英
Stay 伴
Er Kia Hui 余珈慧 / 2006 / Singapore 新加坡 / fiction 劇情 / 6min / Ch/En 中/英
Remorse 悔
Lim Chee Harn 林志涵 / 2007 / Singapore 新加坡 / fiction 劇情 / 3min / Ch/En 中/英
Dandelion 薄公英
Jackie Liao 廖凡捷 / 2006 / Taiwan 台灣 / animation 動畫 / 5:20min / Eng 英
On the Wire
Chris Churcher / 2007 / Taiwan 台灣 / experimental 實驗 / 10min / no dialogue
Love Through the Ages 被騙
Chee Wei Ling Wendy 徐偉玲 / 2007 / Singapore 新加坡 / fiction 劇情 / 5min / Tw/Ch/En 台/中/英
Drown In Forest 擱淺森林
Cian Lin 林倩如 / 2007 / Taiwan 台灣 / narrative 劇情 / 16:20min / Ch/En 中/英
Current 潮
Stefano Giannotti / 2006 / Italy 義大利 / experimental 實驗 / 3:20min / no dialogue
Shu Li Ting 徐立廷 / 2007 / Taiwan 台灣 / experimental 實驗 / 5min / Ch/En 中/英
Bean Sprout 小豆人
Monster Chang 張淑滿 / 2007 / Taiwan 台灣 / animation 動畫 / 5:40min / no dialogue

Superb lineup!

So when you bringing it to HK? :laughing: