Unable to rewrite a rewritable DVD

I just burned a data DVD. However I realized I put the wrong version file on the DVD. So I went to replace the file with the correct version but was denied. I get the following error response “disc init error” which doesn’t help to identify the problem.
If I try to add the files directly through Windows explorer I get a message telling me the disc is either full or not rewritable. Hhowever neither is the case. The disc is rewritable and it is not full.

My OS is Windows 2000XP.
My DVD burner is a Pioneer DVD-RW DVR-107D.
My burning software is Ulead DVD MovieFactory 3 Suite.
I made sure I had the most recent drivers and patches.

Does anyone have any idea what I’m doing wrong?

you need to format the DVD

use Nero or some other DVD burning program that isn’t a movie authoring/burning program.

Not sure but I think you may need to select the “multi-session” option when buring a rewritable CD/DVD.

Don’t think that’s necessary for rewritable (though I could be wrong).

I think it’s what frokky said. You have to format the DVD first. There’s certainly an option in Nero to do it.

Actually, you need to erase it first, not format. Rewritable discs need to be erased before they can be rewritten to.

Multisession is a system of adding stuff to an existing disc, you can write files in more than one session. Normally that is turned off, and is usually used with write-once discs. It’s not really needed with rewritable (but probably possible), you can just erase it all and redo it.