Unblock Tech Ubox TV Media Player Box

I’m trying to find more information about this box. Supposedly has a thousand or more channels from all over the world. Haven’t found much information on the webernet.


The box is probably legal, the service almost certainly isn’t. These android or whatever boxes run apps that use illegal IPTV streams. Nothing good is free forever, and not many people know how to make themselves untraceable online.
In the UK and US, people have been sued just for buying similar boxes.

We have one. We have good internet speed, but the thing buffers constantly (about every 120 sec or so) and when that happens the screen blinks black for less than a second.

Every thirty or so minutes a small grey bar with white text shows up at the bottom of the screen and says something like “China Tunnel now being established.” Goes away after a sec or two and a grey bar with white text at the top of the screen reports “China Tunnel established!” (I’m paraphrasing the text). :sweat_smile:

Many, many channels indeed. From all over the world, and constantly changing. As of last week we had all 3 NHK channels, all of the HBO Asia channels, all news channels, and tons of Indian and Chinese channels. Maybe 20 US cable channels but only a handful from Europe. ESPN 1 & 2, NBA, Sky Sports, Japan sports, and occasionally FS1 (US) shows up, too. A year ago the NFL channel disappeared.

Well, we bought one and took it to Australia, plugged in, connected, then a screen from our Australian ISP popped up saying that is blocked as a result of a Court Order on regard to Copyright.
Seems some local movie distributors and Pay TV operator Foxtel didn’t like people watching Programs etc that they had the rights to.
Depends on where you plan on using it of course, it does work for a friend who resides in Switzerland. Looking around the web suggests that it is blocked for the same reason in a few countries, Singapore being another.

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On what did a screen pop up? One of the apps? On the browser?

Nothing free works well. Those pirate streams cost someone money, as does their distribution, and they are piling as many as they can through one content distributor.

I wonder if it has an internal VPN. If so, it’s also free and overloaded.

When either the company gets shut down or rebrands and shuts down the streams because the number of free streamers is more than they can handle, at least you’ll have an Android TV box

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The popup was showing when the list of channels should have. Reading up on the web later revealed that it had been blocked, along with Torrent sites etc. I am now looking at changing the DNS on the Router to the Google and see what happens.

Success!! I got brave and logged into the Router, changed the DNS to the Google one, rebooted the Router and BINGO, it worked. Partner is now very happy, can watch heaps of TV, including most of what is on MOD in Taiwan, and heaps more, hundreds of channels.

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I know they are available online, but can you buy at a physical store in Taiwan. The box itself is legal and had legal usages.

We bought ours from one of the shops in Guanghua Digital Plaza - the older of the two buildings, up about L5 from memory.

We bought ours at a small shop near Hsinchu’s Science Park.

I heard that in their app store there were fixes for people who live in certain regions. What about a VPN to access the app store?

Depends on what ‘fix’ you need. In my case, my ISP (in Australia) had them blocked due to a Court Order, so I got around that by changing the DNS on my router from the default ISP one to the Google DNS.