Unclaimed Packages for Sale at Post Office?

So I heard about this from a friend and also have seen pictures of it posted on a Facebook group somewhere. Anyone have more details about which post office you can do this at and how much they typically cost? Can you do it any time or only at specific times/days? How do you ask to do this? Would appreciate any info, thanks!

Maybe we could do a TV show, people could bid on the boxes and we can show there reaction when that open it. :wink:

Dildos, scrunchies and mosquito zappers

They were set up by the Yuanshan Farmer’s Market a few weekends ago. You buy them by weight and see what you get. You can pick it up and shake it a bit even. It was easily the most popular thing going in that little area, with the Taiwanese guys running it doing their best carnival barker act. I think there might even have been a shill.


Damn, sounds like fun!

okay, I imagine they must be getting them from the post office directly and then jacking up the prices. maybe even they looked through the boxes and cherry picked the best stuff. so the question remains, where do you get them first hand?

They actually looked like they were from zhaipei and whatnot. Stuff that had been sent to the 7 and never claimed or something. You may well be right, I wouldn’t be making big bets on their honesty

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Good stuff

do people bid against eachother? I love live auctions and I’d love to see one in Taiwan.

I was invited to a Christmas party once, hosted by a private company (because it didn’t make public financial reports it was able to get away with some pretty cheeky stuff, like an open bar - in the workplace - on last workday before Christmas break; taxis were frowned upon because the parking lots were shuttered for the holiday).

Anyway, at this Christmas party they played a game where players, males and females alike, bought each other gifts. They gifts were wrapped and stacked at the front of a conference room. There was an elaborate trade protocol where players could swap gifts.

The gifts were mostly booze and sex toys.

The gifts were then opened in full view, and much hilarity ensued.

If this event had taken place on the property of a publicly owned company, I think the odds are good it would have shut down the internet and the SEC would have probably been called in to investigate.

Reminds me somewhat of your Farmer’s Market. I have to admit that it was a lot of fun to watch (as a contractor I was just a spectator).

So how do you know you don’t end up getting someone’s stash (that never got picked up)?

It was a kind of non-PC side event. By 10am the whole workplace was walking around with drinks. This game was played in the early afternoon.

If you wanted to participate then you submitted your name to a list on around December 1. Then you drew a name and that’s who you bought a gift for. If you didn’t want to play that game, then you didn’t add your name to the list. Everybody ended up with a gift, but I don’t think anybody ended up with the gift explicitly purchased for them.

It was beyond raucous. Not for the faint of heart.

What happens if the package contains illegal drugs? :thinking:

Can’t have dem damn furrenirs importing poppy seeds ya know.

Seems unlikely to be possible with public postal system. Curious about this but seems morenlikely a night market style campaign. Havent seen it myself though. Perhaps its just from private logistics companies as mentioned above, like black cat, sf, kerry, 711 etc

Okay, so does anyone know where to find this place to get the packages first hand, whether it be the post office itself or a private organization?

Fairly standard secret santa isn’t it? I remember my first one of those as a callow youth in a law firm. A girl gave me a box of camouflage condoms “so they can’t see you coming”. I was mortified.

Didn’t seem so. There didn’t seem to be any standards at all, tbh.

eta: it wasn’t exactly this game either, but this is closer.