Uncle Ganbei's FAT Airline to Shutter

Well at least there’s “Starlux” up and coming luxury airline to fill in the gap.

If one ever looked at how old those FAT planes are you will realise this is a good thing, apart from their shitty safety record.


Yes, FAT was a compete shitshow of an airline. It’s amazing they lasted as long as they did.

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Are they called FAT because they hire FAT flight attendants and have extra FAT planes, extra FAT legroom for FAT passengers?

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Fail At Take-off


Legislator Huang Guo-chang is claiming that FAT’s CEO Zhang Gang-wei has moved FAT’s money away, and also took a portion of FAT’s security deposit meant to protect consumers from the Civil Aeronautics Administration. People working at FAT claimed that Zhang has been missing for 2 weeks.

Shouldn’t a security deposit be in an account that he can’t touch? Like controlled by the government?

Yeah, don’t know how he managed to pull that off either. The priority is to prevent Zhang from getting out the country, but since he went missing 2 weeks ago, chances are he is already gone.

Considering he ran an airline, this would seem like a pretty easy thing for him to do.


Weren’t they playing with property loans and investments all over over Taiwan?
Or was that another airline …

I heard a lot of these rich families use the companies as collateral or a means to get cheap loans for investments overseas.

Situations like this are standard practice in Taiwan.

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I had thought that the Airline was part of the Far Eastern group, though it appears not.

My first and only flight on a 757 was with them, to Angkor Wat in 2005.

Apart from a runway excursion at Kalibo recently, their Safety record is good though.

ICRT said they might be liable to a 500k NT fine.

Ooooh. That must have then quaking.


Hahaha Taiwan law enforcement.

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Now I am seeing news article saying that FAT airline shutting down is some kind of april fools or something.


That is weird. They were interviewing flight attendants this morning who were quite shocked to find themselves without jobs. There are hundreds of people stranded abroad since the planes do not fly.

Maybe the media is covering up that this failson ran away with the security deposits and most of the airline funds. Depending on what paper you read, you may not know that. Boss apparently stated that he will get the money he needs from some friends…


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