Uncomfortable Conversations with a Black Man

A pretty good conversation


Heard… that is some of the stupidest shit i heared
The music omg
The music was atrocious

Whats stupid about it? You’re very offended and triggered by this conversation

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Interesting chat with Texan Matthew McConaughey. Just want mention that Texas as it’s very mixed ethnic state and as such you get people like Matthew McConaughey. Two states I do like California and Texas which are rivals in many ways but alike also in many. The biggest states with lots of people, but also very diverse and in general with more openness on racial issues. My experience with police profile/sterocasting me was in one more liberal New England States as being non white, mixed background.

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Not offend, not triggered, stupid def the music as i said and the talk was nonsense especially mm saying“ heard “that was stupid
Maybe it needs to be two hours not 10 minutes?
I didnt get anything out of it if you love it good on you. Its fine.
We all have our opinions

This was part 2 its an ongoing talk that just started, so far there are 3.

Yes i heared mm say he liked the previous talk.
Ok, each talk can be two hours and have 50 of them

Classy fellows

Yours seems to be that if you don’t get anything out of it then it it is the stoopidest shit ever.

I didn’t find anything offensive or stupid about it at all. Wasn’t groundbreaking, but does it have to be? :idunno:

I agree. Thanks for putting this up. :salute:

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