Unctuous little curtains in front of bathroom doors

What’sup with those little filthy curtains people hang on bathroom door frames? The oil of a billion sebaceous glands must have been soaked up by the one in this internet cafe. (Not to mention the big spiders, cokroaches and rats running around here.)

This is the best picture I could google up:

They are filthy because they are supposed to keep out the filth. And it’s also fengshiu related I was told.

Which brings me to thetopic of maintenance. Where I used to teach nobody seems to be in charge of cleaning up or fixing up anything.It seems to be common in all traditional set-ups. The one who gets irritated most, does it.

It will be done … every chinese newyear … they’ll spread the filth with the filthy mop :laughing: it’ll look cleaner tho.

The big problem I have with the curtain is that it brushes against your face as you enter the lavatory.

Actually you could use it to dry your hands and face :smiling_imp:

The oil of a thousand camels would be more hygienic. :noway: