Under-20 leaving Taiwan

Goodmorning FORUMOSA,

I was wondering what a Taiwanese citizen (under 20 years old) would need in order to fly to Europe for 3 weeks? I got different answers from embassies, consulates, travel agencies, and personal experiences- hard to believe I still am confused about it. Is there anyone who can tell me all there is to know? I’ll keep an eye on the Forum- thank you!

Nothing. We (Taiwanese) have visa-free entry to selected European countries (90%). If its for travelling/tourism purposes.
If you’ve served the army already. Apply for the working holiday visa from the MOE and then you can get up to 2 years working clearance as well. Although you cannot work for more than 6 months under 1 employer.

Goodmorning hs172, and thank you for your prompt response;

I’m aware of the Schengen Agreement, but are you sure there isn’t any other issue?
I know about the passport having to include the ID number, but I am confused on whether a parental authorization of some sort is required to go abroad if you are under 20, or if the passport itself is all you need. Nobody wants to waste money on a non-refundable ticket, right? :’(

Nope. I only know that you need a parental consent if you are going to university below the age of 18 and have no guardianship in that country.

But for me, I went to Amsterdam, Germany, Italy & Sweden when I was 20 and I had no problems. I had the Taiwanese passport with a student visa valid for 3 years for England. Some countries might not recognize Taiwan, if that’s the case just call their manager and they would know.

Perhaps details of your stay such as hotels, return ticket date, in-bound contact number (your friend’s) e.t.c might be of some use, but not as a restriction as far as I know.

What did the embassies, consulates & travel agencies tell you?

Hmmm, would I be able to go to Amsterdam directly from Taipei, with just my passport, my two-way flight reservation, and hotel reservation, being a 17-year-old?

The Italian Embassy in Taipei told me that a parental consent is necessary (I was thinking about Rome, coincidence from Amsterdam); the Consulate told me the only requirements were the passport with the ID number included in it (check :thumbsup: ) for the Schengen Area; the Ministry of Foreign told me a parental consent might be necessary, and “proof” of sustainability, suggesting in cash form, too; two travel agencies told me that the sole two-way ticket + Hotel reservation are enough, none mentioned the passport/ID issue.

That’s about it!

Mate, why if you are underage, do you classify it as Under 20? You have to make this point clear.
Under 20, would assume you are between 18-20. Under 18 is pretty self-explanatory.

NO, you will not be able to go to Amsterdam directly from Taipei, with just your passport, two-way flight reservation, and hotel reservation.

The Consulate & Italian Embassy are CORRECT. You need the Taiwan ID on your passport, as well as a letter from your parents stating that you have their consent, including their contact numbers. (Please double check this with the Consulate if they need anything else, or if it needs to be approved first).

A “Proof” of funds is also mandatory for Under 18. You will need a bank account with X amount of money (I don’t know what it is, check the MOF) keeping it in there for X amount of days.

NOTE: Don’t trust Travel Agencies, they just want your money and don’t know these types of rules.

Thank you! Much clearer- I apologize for the age misunderstanding, I should have clarified earlier.
So, in three months, being 18, I will be able to fly free of such restrictions. Am I right?
And yes, the travel agencies obviously didn’t mention anything because of that.

Hoping this is the last question, thank you for your time!

Yes & No
The parental consent restriction will be lifted when you turn 18.

However, Fight + Hotel reservation, ID no, and proof of funds might still be needed. ( You should be having this just in case anyways)
Proof of funds when your 18 might be something like a simple bank statement, travelers cheques and cash in hand.

Have fun, and make sure you read up on the Marijuana laws in Amsterdam now that there are restrictions as well. If you are in to that kind of things obviously.

My friend’s children visited me in the UK. They required a letter of permission from their parents and a letter of invitation from me. These were checked by in Taiwan by the airline and immigration and in the third European country they flew through. The kids were questioned in the UK and I had to speak to them on the phone, guaranteeing that they would be at my address, that I would supervise them at all times, that they weren’t working or studying and that they had medical insurance.

Children don’t have to provide proof of funds, but they are expected to have some in loco parentis.

I know that the UK isn’t the country you want to visit, but the rules are likely to be fairly similar.

I thank you both for the information, and I apologize for the late response; I couldn’t reply earlier. I wish you all a great summer- maybe I’ll come back someday and tell you about mine. Goodbye!