Underrated Cafes/Coffeeshops

I stay away from the crowded and popular coffeeshops like Starbucks, Barista and all other coffee-chain shops.

Can anyone recommend underrated but good cafes or coffeeshops in Taipei City, perhaps your favorite one? Please let me know where it is.


I have just been here a few weeks and I think it’s even a chainstore but the Dante’s Cafe opposite the Fu-Shing North Rd. / Nanching East Rd. MRT station is quite nice, a sandwich (“submarine”) for NT$110 only with a free drink worth NT$50 (e.g. regular orange juice). I sometimes take my dinner there.

I’ve tried a lot of cafes in Taipei. The coffee is shite in all of them. Only decent latte to be had is at Paradiso on Wenzhou Jie.


There is an excellent coffee shop, a bit far but the coffee there is the best I’ve had in Taiwan. Take the MRT til Ching An Station in the Orange line heading south. Get off, there is only one exit, go out and across the street, turn right and you’ll find it. Its small cozy and they have REAL coffee, not overcrowded, price is alright.

Hope you understand the directions given… hee hee… But its highly recommended!

Try Cafe Odeon. #23 Taishun St. Lane 40 台北市泰順街40巷23號. It’s on Lane 40 just off Longquan St. The coffee is good, and they also have a great selection of Belgian beers (15+ kinds).

I thought Odeon’s coffee was passable, but hardly ‘good’. The belgian beer is much better.


The laobanniang makes excellent coffee at Odeon.

yeah, the belgian beer! ooooooopphh…whadda selection, eh?

but odeon gives you a card which you can get stamped everytime you buy coffee, not beer, and after i think, 10, you get a free one. kinda like the deal at subway.
their coffee is lovely, btw, although we’re more inclined to sample the belgians.

Just about any convenience store. Get a can of hot Mr Brown’s Blue Mountain coffee, take it to the nearby park, and enjoy. Belgian beer can also be enjoyed in the park, but preferably not hot and probably not from 7-11.

There’s another Dante’s (coffee 35NT) on Chang An East road, about five min. walk east from Sung Chiang road. I like it because it hurts my head to pay 70, 80, or 90 NT for a regular cup of coffee. I don’t really care if it’s great coffee or not, it’s drinkable. (I got a cup of coffee at a My Honey Hamburger once for like 25 NT, but I had to pour it down the sink when I got home, it tasted sort of like I imagine air freshener might if you cut open the aerosol can and sipped from it. I have no idea why.)

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no good coffee.

Better and cheaper than Starbucks: 90.5 degrees cafe. Sells coffee and tea drinks. Take the MRT to Shuanglien Stn (one north of ChungShan) and take the farthest north exit (for Mackay Hospital). The cafe is on your right as you exit the station, and it is closed on Sundays. It only sells drinks and little tiramisu cups, though.