Underwater Cameras

Where can I find those disposable underwater cameras? Do they just not sell disposable cameras at all anymore? Am I living in 1995? I have been to Carrefoure, the camera street, etc.

24h.pchome.com.tw/?m=search&f=do … riceRange=
24h.pchome.com.tw/?m=search&f=do … t=%B7j%B4M
shopping.pchome.com.tw/?mod=item … 0072&c=A10

I dunno, underwater?

I remember seeing an underwater camera at Carrefour. It was placed in a bucket of water as a demonstration.

Thanks guys! After looking at the PCHome link, one of those casings, rather than a throwaway, might be the way to go. Taiwan Luthiers–I saw some at Carrefour too. The cheapest was a Kodak videocam for NTD 5000 which still looked pretty decent.

film or digital ?

Anybody know where I can find a single use underwater camera? Something like this:

Post your memories here:

It’s all digital now
e.g. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07TVMQ2FX/

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Looks great. Maybe we would consider something like that, but I really wanted a single use one.

I got the Olympus TG-6 on a wish list because it can take pics underwater. A special case is available for really deep exploring.


Under water?

Sorry…my overactive imagination is getting the better of me. :grin:

We’ll get @Marco to sort this one out. Native speaker.

I think my software glitch may be beyond his ability to fix.