Underwater / Scuba weddings - You Dont need to be a diver!

Intrested in getting married
= Underwater/ scuba diving style =
We can provide the underwater photos, underwater dvd, Equipment , underwater communication for the cermony - all you need are the priest, guests , and a bride and groom . And the priest does not even need to get wet .

You dont need to be a scuba diver to do this .

Intrested contact divethe7seas@hotmail.com

See you in the blue Zone

I’ve had this conversation with the DNS plenty of times. I have an ideal location picked out in Kenting. The idea is brilliant. The execution, unique. I have even gotten the DNS to take her OW cert.

The problem, thus far, is convincing her to take the plunge. I mean this literally.

But good to know, anyway. Thanks OP.

What spot in Kenting do you have in mind?

Sail Rock.

But the full idea will have to wait until you hire me on as a partner-in-training. :wink: