Underwear support thread

OK. Alien wants to canvas support for the moderators. Well, we all like to bitch and moan about policy, but we do appreciate the mods are doing their best. If you share this view, log on and tell us what you are wearing. I’ll start us off:

Black cotton boxers with a white trim.

Purple, paisely-pattern. Boxer shorts.

Just lettin’ 'em swing in the breeze here.

Brown Y-fronts.

Less washing that way.

Hernia briefs from the back pages of the Sunday Telegraph.


White boxers with Grateful Dead “Steal Your Face” logos all over them.

Yellow boxers with a big :smiley: on them.

white cotton bra (NOT padded thank you very much!) and white bikini briefs.

White cotton boxers. Clean but not starched, as I both hate chafing and don’t have a grandmother around to iron them for me.

A small, delicate, silky-skinned hand.

No, it’s not my own!

depends ™

I look forward to your posting the pictures.

Black thong with sparkly things.

Do you want to see my pictures, too, Hexuan?

Black lace thong and black cotton bra.

What IS this predilection for thongs? I spend altogether too much time trying to STOP my underwear acting like a thong, which can be embarrassing at times, especially in crowded public areas.

boxers. on the front, a picture of Bugs Bunny eating a strategically-positioned carrot.

on the back, Pepe La Pew

an under-the-bust red corset and a whip

Sandman, once you get used to the thong, you’ll realize that they don’t go anywhere like regular undies tend to do. But then I just realized something recently when I noticed that my 30-year-old buns are lower than they used to be… normal underwear gives us ladies some much needed support.


Green cotton boxers, grey trim. Not particularly clean, but the dark color hides the skid marks.