Unemployed Benefits due to Covid-19

Hello Guys,

I would like to seek more information about the unemployed benefits, recently i had been laid off due to Covid-19, but was advise that I could get an unemployed benefit from the gov’t and they gave me a letter of seperation.

Could you please advise on how this process takes. Thank you

Unemployment benefits

Unemployment benefits
The insured person applying for unemployment benefit shall submit the following documents to a public employment agency in person to register for job placement, apply for unemployment confirmation, and accept employment counseling:… You may find all in the linked page.



As far as I know almost, if not ALL employment benefits in Taiwan is tied to labor insurance. By law employers are supposed to but there are quite a number of employers who do not get labor insurance.

If you didn’t get labor insurance then you get zero benefits… they treat you like you never worked at all.

But if you had labor insurance while working, just go to the department of labor and they will tell you what to do.

I think we’re dealing with employment insurance (jiubao) here, not labor insurance (laobao), but it’s all handled by the BLI.


This does not seem to cover foreign white collar professionals on ARCs or APRCs, only Taiwan citizens and spouses of Taiwan citizens?

I recall reading somewhere though, that APRC holders are eligible for unemployment benefits… can’t remember exactly where i saw that right now.