Unemployment benefits for foreigners with APRC

At December I was at labor bureau in Taipei.
They told me even I have APRC i cant get the unemployment benefits, because I am not a Taiwanese and I am not married with a Taiwanese.

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Unemployed foreigner in Taiwan wanting free money?

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What was the catch?
They really give foreigners on marriage based ARC’s EI checks?

So if you’re married it’s good to go?

Have you get the unemployment benefits ?

No, I’m just curious if foreigners are actually capable of receiving it.

What is an EI check?

I’m a foreigner and I did receive it. So the answer would be yes!

EI = Employment Insurance

You’re married to a Taiwanese, right?

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Yes, I am!
But as I mentioned before, I believe this benefit is also extended to APRC holders

So are non married APRC holders eligible or not?

I think no. Not yet.


There is also divorced APRC holders, that’s even another category


There should at least be some kind of reparations for having survived a Taiwanese marriage. :sunglasses:


Wait… What? Why?

Don’t the APRC holders also pay 勞保 (laobao)? Isn’t the 失業 (shiye) included in it?

Employment insurance is for nationals and spouses of nationals.

Ministry of labor - Labor Insurance

Employment insurance - Insured persons

  1. An ROC national.
  2. A foreign national, Mainland Chinese citizen, Hong Kong citizen or Macao citizen married to an ROC citizen and having acquired legal residency in ROC.

Ok. I see.
Thanks for the info!

As discussed earlier in the thread, let’s all please please try very hard not to mix up laobao and jiubao! :praying: