Unethical/unfair business practices by Luxgen Motor (What are my options to escalate?)

Hi All,

For starters, thanks for reading my post. I will try to keep it short and sweet.
Quick intro, I am a Singaporean located in Pingtung and I brought a new car from Luxgen Motor just last month.

To my surprise, the vehicle came with a malfunction a/c control system. Long story short, the control system isn’t functioning as per display control. I escalated the issue to my sales rep but the response unbelievable. His reply was “I have reported the issue to my area manager but he say there is nothing we can do about it” inspire acknowledging that it’s a error with the system.

I am not sure what other options I have as a foreigner to escalate this issue but I feel like I have been con. I don’t believe this is Taiwanese business ethics but I really don’t know where/how else to get help.

Any advise is much appreciated and many thanks in advance.


Have you paid a visit to the TFTC?


Hi Marco, thanks for your feedback. Just to confirm you’re referring to below?

Yes. You bought something and it came not as described. That is a breach of contract.

The TFTC and TCPC (Taiwan Consumer Protection Committee), I think should be your first contacts before you start calling a lawyer.


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Perhaps this is more the dealer issue. Certainly has nothing to do with Singapore. It would be advantageous to avoid adding in how your own country would do this. Trust me, I am guilty as well. In Pingdong and as a foreigner. But the results are far more inthe favor of not making it a cultural face issue, as hard as it may be. We all do it, but it is nearly always counter productive.

After that, Pingtung can be easy as all hell, or a nightmare. If you bought it new, from a licensed Luxgen dealer, I would escalate within company boundaries first simply because your rewards are potentially greater. Once you go government, it can go any direction. If your claim is legitimate and proven, you will win. but think about if you go to government the problem will be punished hopefully. This means less extra perks for you, but potentially more benefit for society. If you go to HQ with the complaints, paper work and the hint.of reporting you yourself will get more benefits usually but will be swept under the rug.

Up to you which is more important. As AC isnt a safety concern, such as previous scandals with say Toyota, VW etc one may choose the more selfish route and demand more personal compensation from the company. We are doing similar with Mitsubishi in regards to alarm system and computer issues. If they dont comply, let the government dogs loose on them.

I feel such complicated machinery deserves the benefit of the doubt. If the company tries to help, I am more than happy to work with them. If they are D bags about it, not phucks given

Thanks Marco!

Many thanks Explant but I will take Marco’s advice to escalate it to TFTC.
I truly appreciate your sharing but my intend is not to get any perks out of it as I am moving out of PT soon due to work.
Just truly disappointed by unethical/unfair business practices of Luxgen.
How can they deliver something not based on description and simply say nothing can be done.


Absolutely fair. And if that is the decision, then make them pay for it.

I agree with all the ethical complaints made above. It astounds me as well that they are so overtly open about telling the customer to go fuck themselves. If that’s your decision, then going the government route ain’t bad. If nothing comes of it, try the anonymous media route as well. But, emphasis on anonymous.

I miss the old days when an AC control was just a sliding knob and the fan speed was a sliding switch, never breaks down.


New cars are full of asshole design these days.

But people eat it up because OOOH! Technology shiny!


It’s not clear whether there is actually a problem with the car, or whether he is being super picky and saying the AC temperature doesn’t match. I never really look at the exact temp on a car and just turn the knob depending on how I feel - if I actually compared it with the real temperature I doubt it would match. Maybe the car salesperson felt the same and said they can’t do anything about it. Or maybe the buy has buyer’s remorse (or got promoted and moving away from Pingtung) and wants to be picky so they can return the car.


Like your listing…? xD