Unfiltered water in food/tea: Wtf?

You can taste the hard metals in your cabbage and tea:

I’m shocked that in main parts of Taipei, many places still use unfiltered tap water to casually fill tea or add to food. Ordered a 200ntd cabbage plate and all I could taste was metallic like blood. For the price, I couldn’t believe it. I just had 1 bite and left it – wish I could do 'Murkan style and ask for a refund, but I know it’s not the culture.

I know what some people say, “Boiling it removes the–” NO, it doesn’t remove the taste! It could possible remove the toxicity, but boiling metalwater is still going to taste of metalwater.

What do you guys do when this happens? Is it just me that goes crazy over this?

I try to avoid places where this could happen. McDonald’s and KFC usually don’t have these problems.

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