"Unification War Cats"

Sounds like the title for a new anime series, doesn’t it? But no, we’re actually talking about the pandas Beijing hopes to send Taiwan’s way later this year. This topic became a little more heated this week with Beijing’s official announcement of the two bears selected for the honor.

(Beijing’s getting much better at the PR game, by stretching this entire production out into extended phases. 1) the ‘selection’ pagent, 2) the ‘naming’ pagent next month… and who knows what else to follow.)

TSU reacted in its predictably hysterical way: news.chinatimes.com/Chinatimes/M … +0,00.html

[quote] 台灣團結聯盟立法院黨團總召集人何敏豪今天表示,中國大陸片面決定送給台灣的兩隻熊貓,是「統戰貓、統戰動物」,堅決反對政府把熊貓引進來台;黨籍立委羅志明說,沒有經過政府對政府談判,不可讓「政治熊貓」闖關入境。

(my translation) The two pandas that the Chinese mainland has unilaterally decided to send are “unification war cats, unification war animals”. We resolutely oppose any government decision to allow these pandas to arrive in Taiwan. Without government to government negotiations, we can’t allow “political pandas” to enter Taiwanese borders.

I have to add the almost witty comment by the normally Sahara-dry Lien Chan:


Pandas don’t have any blue/green components. Their only two colors are black and white![/quote]

[quote=“cctang”]I have to add the almost witty comment by the normally Sahara-dry Lien Chan:

I wouldn

It’s not unification war cats, but as Sun Bin pointed out on Asiapundit, “United Front Pandas” – TONGyi ZHANxian MAOxiung – and is a witty reference to cooperation between the KMT and the CPP in the prewar era.


Ah, glad to see you’re workin’ on that Chinese.

tongyi zhanxian has far more relevance than just the pre-war era (see: zytzb.org.cn/zytzbwz/theory/ … 170099.htm ), but that’s neither here nor there.

The literal translation into English remains exactly what I just said it was: ‘unification war cats’. You guys get to have your little fun at Engrish now and then… just thought I’d join in. And does the corrected English version of the quote seem any less proposterous to the rational mind? “The two pandas that the Chinese mainland has uniliaterally decided to send are united front pandas, united front animals”. Heck, “united front animals” could still be the name of an anime series.

Besides, I’m still not quite used to the Taiwanese practice of calling pandas ‘maoxiong’ as well as ‘xiongmao’. I’m sure some anthropologist could figure out where the divergence with the mainland occurred… but to me, they’ll always be xiong first, mao second.

[quote]he literal translation into English remains exactly what I just said it was: ‘unification war cats’. [/quote

The LITERAL translation is wrong. The correct translation is as above.

No, because again the CCP and the KMT are conspiring, in this case to destroy a free and independent Taiwan. It’s really not surprising, though, that two authoritarian parties might work together. I can understand why people who are authoritarians might conspire together, since they are unscrupulous, power hungry, and controlling. What I don’t understand are their supporters. Why on earth would anyone support people who hate human freedom?

Sure. And “Kuomintang” could be the name of a dog food brand. And your point would be…?


Was there any moment in history 2 authoritharian parties from different countries worked together???

(gonna get a roll of paper to start putting all the names)

It’s good to know the US and Japan are working to help Taiwan while China does the opposite