Union Bank balance (checking from abroad)

Back in Canada.
How to check my Taiwan Union Bank account balance from here?

Any ideas?


Log in to the app or the website.

But I never got online banking with Union nor the app when I lived in Taiwan.

With no online account/app, options are limited.

You can try calling them, but without a way to verify your identity …

You probably should have thought to do that before you left, because you normally need to set up online banking from inside the branch. Since you didn’t, I’m not sure what you’ll be able to do now. How were you expecting this to work?

I guess you’ll have to call them and see (and hope that they don’t lock your account if your ARC has expired). I wouldn’t be too optimistic though. Or just see how much you can withdraw by trial and error, if that’s the issue (assuming you’ve activated your card for overseas withdrawals). Or just wait until you come back here again and deal with it then.

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