Unique Western Lunchbox company in Taiwan

This is my first post the message and this is our company to sell fresh lunch boxes in Taipai. just let you know,our products have featured:

From only 150NT$, enjoy our lunchboxes :
. Western food (Mostly French)
. 300g at the minimum
. Monday to Saturday
. Homemade and handmade
. Options low-carb, vegetarian and gluten-free
. You can request your dishes
. 5 days deals & 4 weeks deals
. Option a different dish every day
. Delivery at your home
. Delivery at your workplace


Do you have any interesting?
Contact us for more information :


Is the picture above what I would get or is there more?


very nice idea.
does price include shipping?
do you deliver 5 lunch boxes at once? or 1 each day ?
good luck

To be honest, it doesn’t look like a lot for 150…


It’s pretty much standard price in Taipei , for a good meal anyway.

Do you make an effort to separate food for allergic individuals. For example, if you cook fish in the fryer, I could not have anything that was cooked in that fryer.

Thank you for your ask~
where do you live?
This is the price of the lunch box, the information of the lunch box
Taipei / Xinbei delivery (only Yonghe, Zhonghe, Daan, Zhongzheng, Wanhua area, shipping only 30NT).
You can choose five lunch boxes at a time, or you can choose one everyday. Of course, the prices also different.
Welcome to our website or Facebook

You can also join Line directly and contact us
Line: @michelbru

Delivery time: Monday to Saturday: 11: 30-14: 00

Order deadline: 18:00 the day before

Thanks Brianjones ~
Hope you can try it once ~~

Line: @michelbru


Welcome to visit

I’m interested. But five days a week is a bit restrictive for me due to my schedule.

Sorry,Because I can only put one photo ~! :slight_smile:


Thank you for your ask Andrew0409

Of course, there are other foods, because I can only put one photo !!

Welcome to our website:

Line: @michelbru




Thank you for your ask~

If you have any needs, whether it is vegetarian, gluten-free, low-calorie, etc., you can tell us that our chef will do our best to help you complete your needs.

Welcome to our website:

Or contact us
Line: @michelbru

:slight_smile: :smile:

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Yes that looks a lot better. :+1:

:grin: of course :blush:

It looks like good food indeed.

If you are interested, of course we also have a weekly dinner menu for you to choose. And have any questions or needs, you can join our group and let us know, we will respond to your needs ~~
welcome to visit ~~ :smiley:
Line: @MichelBRU

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Let me know when you expand into Taoyuan.

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The food looks good and healthy. The only thing that would keep me away from ordering is the protein portion size. Would you guys make something for us bigger guys who are active and need a little more protein? I would love to have this option.

I don’t think they deliver to Italy yet…

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I’m not going to be here much longer.