United 93 - The movie related to 9/11

Will you watch the United 93 movie?

  • Yes, even it is for the sensation or to understand what really happended there
  • No, what I saw and heard is enough. I do not like to be remembered of one of the darkest days in terms of horror.
  • Maybe, depends of reccomendations or other reasons

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Saw the preview yesterday in the Movie theater.

Got mixed feelings either if I would go to see the movie or not.
Just because it was a black day in history can not attract me to the sensation of dealing with something which went wrong.

What about you? Plan to see the movie or just let it go as 9/11 is 5 years passed anyway?

More likely that I will watch it on rental DVD or TV rather than watching it at the cinema (not on top of my list for cinema movies), but I want to / will see it someday.

I think that there is great shame in releasing a movie and making money from something like 9/11.
If all the money in profit goes to the families of the deceased or gets ploughed into fighting terrorism or something then perhaps I’d watch it, but if those conditions don’t apply, then no.
There are enough documentaries on TV about 9/11 and enough fuss going on about it even a few years after the event. It’s high time someone realised that this is exactly what the terrorists want:

Fuss. Movies. Documentaries. Publicity.

They win. We lose.

I don’t want to see the movie because its not really movie quality event. A documentary maybe, but not a movie.
I mean its not like any other historical movie where there are interesting war tactics, or culture, or biography… but this is just a bad thing that happened. I allready know what happens in the end so why should I watch them suffer and all that.

I don’t know if what I said there came out right but basically theres not a plot to the story, its just an event, so why make it a movie?

I gave it another thought and I am hesitating to watch it as i fear it will be a copy of Ladder 49, or other “heroic” movies.
As Dangermouse mentionned, if the income would partially go to the families of the victims, i certainly would contribute.
On the other hand, how much real evidence was caught of some conversation through mobile phones to give a good representation what happened on that flight?
Correct me if I am wrong, but the majority of the victim’s families were not keen to hear a movie would be made about this “event” no?

To me, its just a bad idea for a movie - the good guys all die and its not for a cause, or to be heroic, they just died because they were helpless. WHo wants to watch that? Similar reason I didn’t want to see passion of the christ, its not about his teachings or his life, just his death - which is pretty horrific. If I want to see a torture movie I’ll watch Hostel…

Hollywood is really scratching the bottom of the barrel these days. I’ll wait for this one to be on TV in a year and even then I might not watch it.

I wonder if the recruitment offices will get a surge of conscripts after this is out for a while.

I guess they’ve made all sorts of movies about tragic days in history but I just don’t like the idea of this one. Too soon. I imagine it will focus on the “heroism” of the victims and the “cowardice” of the terrorists. Blah.

Not according to the New York Times:

I would watch a movie about 9-11 in the same manner as I would watch a movie about any historical event, however recent. With much skepticism.

I believe they(the government) shot the plane down. I don’t think it will give us a “true” story. Loose Change was better and more informative.

I’m waiting for the 9/11 retail sale event to pick up the DVD.
It’s not like there is going to be a surprise ending to this film.

seems a bit exploitative to me…everyone always trying to make money off other peoples’ tragedies.

I’ll use my normal yardstick – are there any boobies?

You mean people do it on planes? :astonished:

There was an ad for it about an hour ago on AXN. Are they going to show it? I was a bit spaced out and didn’t check the details.

I’d like to see it.

Hollywood is like a desperate street walker - they’ll do anything for a buck.

I’m not interested in catching anything from Hollywood of late, thank you.

2 days to go before it hits the big screens. looking forward to receive your comments from Forumosa spectators. (cuase we might call it "spectacle"no?0
I do not believe the plane was shot down, as there was no proof of explosions in-air no?
What I simply do not get is how they can make a movie like this without knowing WHO DID WHAT in-air before it went down. There is no one to tell it afterwards no? So, based on “historical data” would be over -exagerated.
This movie must have been made on pure assumptions aside the records of the phone calls…

[quote=“ac_dropout”]I’m waiting for the 9/11 retail sale event to pick up the DVD.
It’s not like there is going to be a surprise ending to this film.[/quote]

Weeeeell…considering it’s made in Hollywood, the only place in the universe that seems to believe America won the Vietnam war. Perhaps they’ll catch Osama in the movie. And because it’s a movie (so it must be true, right?) 80% of audiences will believe they really did. Even George.

yeah…lets disregard all those cell phone calls made to loved ones…and those cockpit voice/radio recordings…pure poppycock…fugeddaboutit!

Djee-zes, there we go again… once you put in question some facts, some people have to become rather hostile again. Patriotism is allowed,obviously when you are American in heart and blood, but upcoming 90-100 minutes drama resulting in sensation made, based on those phone calls and cockpit recordings is rather tiny representative for what was assumed to be a heroic act of some passengers.

Think: Died husband X will be perceived as non-active trying to get the terrorist down while Husbad Y from another family will be the main -character who acted as key person.
We can not assume that all passengers were not tarrified to act like happened no?
Anyway, let’s wait untill the movie screens to judge on the content vs. the known facts ok?