United Airlines sees a supersonic future : The Asahi Shimbun


I saw the concord while I was in France. Very cool plane.

I think maybe it’s possible now to operate such a plane with better technology. I believe a major reason for ending the concord was the cost of maintaining such a plane and having a 2nd one on standby.

I understand it was never really economical, the Brits had retired it before that catastrophic accident for that reason, but the safety issue of the tires was too clear at that point to continue to operate it, if I remember right

Not sure if a plane like that really necessary. Modern Airliners are much faster than the ones of the concord era.

Edit: I have to agree with the final paragraph of the article. 88 Seats, No flying at supersonic speed over populated areas. I don’t think it will go past a model.


I wonder how much a ticket will be. London to NY in 3 sounds great.

But I question brining it out right now. I would assume their target clients are business people that want to get there back the same day on business. Business travel is going to be way down even as countries open up with more people accepting video calls as a way to do business now.

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I did too in Toulouse.

Will be an interesting contrast. Supersonic futures with ancient servers. :joy: :joy:

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So basically they’re going to be a really shitty airline, but at higher speeds? :thinking:


Could be worse. Air Canada is a shitty airline, with ancient servers and low speeds.


And on top of that, they fly to Canada.


Meanwhile the Lufthansa retired their last JU-52 three years ago, after 82 years of service.:joy:

I still don’t get the 88 seat super sonic jet. It’s even slower than the Concord.

Just to get into the news
Like Pam Am did back in the day selling tickets to the moon

The plane is still largely a pipe dream

That plane will be filled with Instagram influencers and Bitcoin entrepreneurs who got a sponsored trip to the DoucheCon. Already sorry for the air crew.

United have definately been smoking some sort of pipe.

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I for one re-welcome the age of supersonic passenger flight!
Long haul flights are miserable, short of passenger flights with beds or something i don’t see it ever improving. This is a tech we need! And more maglev trains too please.

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My experience in Business class was good, got a upgrade that our company has. Had a seat that went into a flat bed.

united polaris business class - Bing images

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Not really.

This thing isn’t even rolled out, nevermind first flight, flight test, or certified. So they got a way to go. :wink:

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Skunk weed

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