United Daily News writer, TV host, attacked by girl with bat

United Daily News writer, TV host, attacked by girl with steel baseball bat. At least, that’s what I think happened, according to the front page of last night’s CHINATIMES EXPRESS, the evening paper of the China Times here. Some guy named Spencer Tsai, quite famous I think, was shown in a photo was a bandage on his forehead, 25 stitches the headline said, but I can’t understand the rest of the story.

Anybody, see the story on TV news and can explain? Why did the girl, 21 or so, a former student of his, attack him at his radio studio? Was it because he is a unificationist who supports Beijing and she is a rabid Chen Water Bian girl? Was it politics? Love? Or maybe the woman was a bit daft in the head, the story seemed to infer.

Didn’t see any news in the English papers?

[ADDED LATER: Oops, my bad. Heard it is now printed on back page today of China Post.]

Was the bat rabid?

Aaaargh! Get it off me! Get it off me!

It’s on the back page of the China Post. She said she did it because he kept criticizing Chen Shuibian, but it is thought she is mentally unstable.

Thanks, Big Fluffy M, for the FWD to the Post’s backpage. I guess the moral of the story is be careful who your students are, and, watch your back!

Don’t most newspapers and radio stations and TV stations have security personnel who can stop nutters from walking in with baseball bats? OR did she hide it in her purse?

Depends. I know the big traditional TV broadcasters with their own buildings have security booths in or at the front lobby. The Broadcasting Corporation of China has this too. But in the case of at least one of the TV stations, a lot of the on-air staff and crew come and go via back doors and side entrances, which only have a swipe card. This is because their cars and SNG trucks are parked in the back.

The smaller newspapers and radio stations located in Taipei office buildings might have a half-deaf pensioner manning a desk near the elevator (China News vets will remember this!) but this is not always the case. I remember the Liberty Times had three or four floors in a building, but there was no security – you could freely walk around between floors, down corridors, etc. No one would stop you.