United or les suites

At Christmas my wife and usually forgo the usual present buying frenzy so common back home and take a trip to a sunny locale like Thailand. Well this year we are stuck in Taiwan due to work but still want to get away for a night or two in Taipei.

Has anyone stayed at either the United Hotel or les suites? Any opinions? We are considering these but would certainly love to hear of any other similar places to stay that you might recommend.

I’ve never stayed at either of these joints, but I looked at the “facilities” at the site for the United Hotel. The description of their saunas is below:

[quote]Gym/ Sauna

  • Separate male and female sauna rooms are available, offering ultimate relaxation and revitalization.[/quote]

They can’t really be offering the “ultimate relaxation” if they have separated the male and female sauna rooms, now can they? :wink:


Les Suites is next to Hooters no? That’s a good reason to stay there!

Yes perhaps, except that I will be with my wife and would rather not get a smack for having wandering eyes. :unamused:

Why do you want to stay at some hotel downtown Taipei?
Even if you can’t leave Taipei, I’d recommend getting out in the burbs. Far more romantic, IMO.
Why not some love motel up on Yangmingshan?

Or better yet, how about Wulai?
Take the cable car to the top over the Wulai waterfall and hike up the hill a bit. You’ll come to this lovely scenic hotel and you can’t get back down the hill until morning when the cable cars run again. It’s fantastic up there!

I suggest the Ta Shee Resort - www.AsiaTravel.com you can get a room for about NT$2700 a night.

The United was recently remodeled and the rooms are very modern with an interesting design. Ditto for the Zen style lobby. It is a very nice hotel, in an excellent location for a great price. You can walk to many places as you are right in the heart of the East part of Taipei with all of the shopping and restaurants. Right next door is my favorite tea shop in Taipei and you are next to the subway there as well. I have booked several of my friends and clients there at the United. I am not familiar with the other hotel you mention.

I understand why you might want to go to Taipei if you are based in Hsinchu, but you still might want to try a place like Sun Moon Lake for Christmas, quite nice and there are many huge wild poinsettia trees around the lake. Or perhaps that nice hotel in Tienhsiang in Toroko Gorge.

You could try WuLai or YangMingshan, or JiuFen or Tamshui. Take the super wide seats first class bus to Kaohsiung/Kenting and stay at the Ceasar Park. You sometimes can get good deals on the rooms in the winter.