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Here’s a fantastic initiative that I for one wholeheartedly support. If you care about animals in Taiwan and elsewhere, sign the petition!

"Thank you for supporting the Animals Matter campaign! You are part of an ever-growing number of people from all around the world who care about animals, and believe that there should be international recognition of the importance of their welfare.

We want governments to support the progress of a Universal Declaration on Animal Welfare. This Declaration would represent global recognition that animals can feel pain and can suffer wherever they are in the world, and would encourage governments to improve their own standards of animal welfare within their borders

Campaign Update

Schools and universities collect thousands more petitions!

The Animals Matter team has been receiving exciting reports that students from schools and universities all over the world have been busy collecting thousands of signatures all in the name of animal welfare! From locations as diverse as Johannesburg and Venezuela, students have stepped up activity on the petition and are helping us close in on the 500,000 mark, which we hope to reach in the next few weeks! Watch this space for more news.

Tanzanian Government states their support for the UDAW

Tanzania is the latest government to state their support for the initiative for a Universal Declaration on Animal Welfare. This has come as part of Tanzania’s revision of their animal welfare policies, and shows a clear intention to improve animal welfare standards in the region, including recognition of the five freedoms. We think this is fantastic news and will encourage other African states to join them in supporting this initiative!

EU consumers shown to have ‘considerable interest in animal welfare’

The EU has always been known for being a global leader in setting standards of animal welfare, and a recent survey shows its citizens back this leadership.
The 2007 Eurobarometer on Animal Welfare, carried out in the 27 EU Member States as well as Turkey and Croatia, has shown that consumers are ‘willing to make an extra effort to buy animal welfare friendly products, even if this means changing where they shop or paying more for goods’.

The findings include the following statistics:
• 62% would change shopping habits in order to purchase animal-friendly goods.
• 77% of people think there is still more to be done on animal welfare issues in their countries.
• 89% think imports should have to be produced under the same animal welfare conditions as those originating in the EU.

What Can I Do?

Spread the Word

We are fast approaching the 500,000 mark - please keep forwarding it to your friends, family and colleagues! You can also find out what’s happening in your local area by finding your local animal welfare organisation at our coalition page.

Download Petitions

Don’t forget you can take petitions with you to local events and gather more support! Download petitions here.

Nick, Leah, Justine & Alyx
The Animals Matter to Me team

www.animalsmatter.org "

I got this e mail in my mail box and I signed it immediately.

I m glad to see that for twice in two years, the EU is asking their citizen to speak up their minds about farm animals welfare.
Thanks to many northern european countries, progress elsewhere in Europe can be achieve. But there is still a long way to go.