Universal remotes?

Does anyone have any recommendation on universal remotes?

I’d like to get one in which I can program key sequences, so at the touch of a button I can switch from TV to DVD player mode without going through the tedious series of button pushes I have to do now.

Is it possible to get one with English wording on it here in Taiwan? Any particular brands/models that are recommended?

I have the Logitech"Harmony® 550 Advanced Universal Remote" which get great reviews and probably works better in other places than Taiwan.

It is great. For example, just press one button to watch DVD, and it turns on all the components and puts them on the right settings to them to watch the DVD. The same goes for watching cable, playing video systems, listening to radio, watching tv, etc.

Problem: I can’t really use it here because of issues regarding rare, unique, etc. components that are used here for the cable TV systems plus others I had to buy and add locally to make the entire system work. It does not recognize the local components, so it does not serve the intended purpose as universal, and it will not turn everything on with one click. I still have to use the local cable TV system remotes and the click the universal one a few times to get to the right settings…

So I am not using it and instead just use the other 7 or so remotes as needed…

You could try - shopping.pchome.com.tw/?mod=stor … _NO=AFAA2U
More details in English about their products - sun-wave.com/indexe.php?modu … e=Products
Dunno if they’re any good, but they look highly programmable.
The problem is that some of these things are somewhat local, as in if you can’t upgrade them online or they don’t have IR learning, then they might not work with certain strange brands of AV equipment.

There was a movie made about these “universal remotes” … and the name was CLICK.

Here is a review –

[quote=“Hartzell”]There was a movie made about these “universal remotes” … and the name was CLICK.

Here is a review –

They were sold-out in 30 minutes :laughing: