Universities in Taiwan: MBA and English Language Programs

[quote=“Feiren”]That is what I have heard from people in other MBA programs (Chengkung, Jiaoda). Here’s what someone who did another MBA program at Tai-Da said:

He said the main thing he had heard is that having to pick the teaching staff from among those who speak English sufficiently well rather limits the teaching talent and thus the quality of teaching. He said that the quality of teaching makes a huge difference on an MBA. But he also said he hadn’t heard any complaints about the quality of the English on the course.[/quote]

So it may be that the classes are actually taught for the most part in English. I still have serious doubts about this.[/quote]
Based on that, short of having time on my hands, why would OP bother?

You will have an MBA listed on your resume, but be missing things (and perhaps key things) that were lost in translation or could not be explained
So you will be overqualified for some jobs, and may not competent enough for the jobs you are qualified in

Does anyone really know what the demand is? I currently attend NTU ICLP for Chinese and was also told that I would have not much choice in terms of choosing English classes by an NTU prof. I am pretty fluent but would not dare say I can take a graduate level class using Chinese, if this is true I wont attend. Are there many foreigners applying? I was told they have a tough time recruiting international students, in particular western ones which is what they really want.

It was told me that classes are all in english. Last week there was 97 international students applying for 30 vacancies.

Pedro, take this as good advice: GO to one of the classes, ATTEND a whole lesson, and then make your choice.

First of all, everything people “say” here must be taken with a grain of salt, so, until you see for your self, be like Saint Thomas: no touching, no believing.

Second of all, you want in, right? Make yourself stand out from the rest. When you talk to them, drop the name of that famous school in teh US you attended. That impresses them a lot. Do your homework, look for the dean and also for a teacher in a field you like and know something about. Talk to them and tell them how excited you are at the prospect of attending their lessons. That wil make you special, and get your foot on the door.

Otherwise, you are just another atoga. Make sure they know why they have to pick you.

Good advice Icon. Only problem is that might be an issue for those who aren’t here in Taipei yet.
Also, for international students, they only review your submitted documents. No face-to-face interview/screening.

only 97 applying, I may actually have a shot. I hope it is all English too, but my teacher at NTU made it sound like my being fluent at Chinese was very important and possibly the only thing that would get me into the program. My university marks are average and after a few years of real work I came here and possibly ruined my life by teaching English for 2 years. Good luck to everyone applying

[quote=“cinq”]Good advice Icon. Only problem is that might be an issue for those who aren’t here in Taipei yet.
Also, for international students, they only review your submitted documents. No face-to-face interview/screening.[/quote]

Well, Pedro is here, so my advice is directed to him. I also pointed out this “little” inconvenience. Unfortunately, you know, some people are actually made to go back to their home countries to apply for scholarships. Seriously.

If anyone interested in studying in Taiwan really wants to succeed, it is imperative for them to do their homework and make sure that the programs fit their needs as much as that they themselves fit the program candidate’s profile.

I was hoping that someone from NTU’s program would say here: listen, it is all in English, don’t worry. Until we have that confirmation, OP and other potential students are in trouble. I can stand behind NCCU in this reagrd, and I can get you people who have studied in Tsinghua and ZhaoTung and they can speak for their programs.

They OP and teh others are working hard to make their credentials reflect their potential, but it is like applying for a job without knowing the company. The only way to know that the job is good for you is to talk to the people there and even work there for a trial period. Unfortunately, a trial period might not be realistic for the guys here, but if they are here in Taiwan, going there and sitting in for a class is not difficult. If they are not here in Taiwan, finding alumni of that specific program -not just NTU in general, NTU is big, and there are many programs, some in English, most not- though the embassies or TECO is also possible.

By the way, NCCU is doing the face to face interviews by messanger and video conference. Not exactly the best way, but its a compromise.

I met a guy yesterday that is actually in the program. He says yes, definitely all in English. As for the quality of the program though he says literally any MBA program in North America would be run more professionally and worth more in terms of value of the degree and education. But you get what you pay for and Taiwan is cheap I guess. Overall he says he will be in Taiwan for the long term so its worthwhile for him. I am in the same boat and plan on staying here for the long run so if I get in ill go for it despite his less than glowing recommendation.

THANks icon and others for your advices. I am at the moment in Portugal. I guess i will send a email directly to those who run the GMB showing my interest! By the time i applied on the internet i said my chinese(mandarin) was poor. Now, still poor altough i started learning and i have been absorbing a lot of chinese!

How can i taste a little of their classes? probably, i have to find out a guy who already attended at NTU global MBA.

My girfriend already handed in all documents and it was everything complete. So…now it is just a question of time…waiting for an answer on may 9th!

Hopefully, the number of internet applications do not be all handed in by paper forms, so thar our chances will increase!

I studied in the best business Portuguese university which 3 months ago celebrated an agreement with NTU and also i studied at Rutgers University which is a top USA university (not IVY LEAGUE but a good one) top 50 i guess!

Guys, i will have the plesure to meet you in taipei by the time i got in! eheh :slight_smile:

How do i know who is gonna be responsable for the selection of GMBA internationakl students???

The are a lot of people…a lot of teachers…! i want to send a email directly to the target! :slight_smile:

Any ideas??

I’d say just chill and wait, no emails you send will do much for you. Try not to think about it too much. I’m guessing I wont get in but try not to think about it and applied to two other schools in case.

which schools do you guys think are the best in taipei after NTU? of course, with English MBA!

Why do you think you cannot get in? if you dont mind!

Well because my university grades were average and knowing the way Taiwanese think grades are everything. I do pull A’s in their Chinese program though so this may help. But like I said I’ve already applied to 2 other schools as a back up, one of them looking pretty easy to get into, the other one quite possibly harder than taida. Anyways, don’t sweat it the school you went to in the states is about 100 times better than Tai da I can assure you that, Best in Taiwan doesn’t mean much, you’ll find that out once you get here. I can say though their Chinese program the ICLP is next to none and I am very impressed.

Which schools did you applied as a back up?

Hi Pedro,

I’m looking into an MBA in Taiwan too and need the classes to be in English. I was looking at NTU – the application deadline is this Friday, March 13th which is why I will not be applying this admissions cycle. I posted the following topic last night on DePaul’s MBA cohort in Taiwan. I haven’t received any responses yet, but thought I would share since I have done a fair amount of research on this particular program:


I searched the forum for “DePaul” and only found references to their US programs.

MBA Programs in Taiwan – DePaul University (Pan Asia)
Hi All,

Just wanted to see if any of you had heard of the DePaul MBA program in Taiwan (?) I’m from Chicago, and Depaul’s Kellstadt School of Management (their Business college) is pretty well regarded here. It ranks right behind Northwestern and University of Chicago, so it’s number three in Illinois for it’s MBA program and it makes some top ten lists nationwide in the US.

I’ve done a lot of research on the program; it’s a cohort program in Taiwan which means you take all your classes with the same group of classmates. That sounds good to me as I would be all by myself over there, a foreign student (!) and it would be nice to have a cohort to socialize with… It’s an 18-month program (in the US DePaul’s MBA takes at least 2 years). The college flies most of their professors over from Chicago to Taipei to conduct the evening MBA classes. I was planning on going to DePaul here in Chicago to get my part-time evening MBA while I continued to work, but then I found that they offer an evening MBA in Taiwan. I’ve been wanting to learn Mandarin for a long time…

Seems like I could kill two birds with one stone, but just wanted to poll those of you who live in Taiwan first. Do you think it’s a good, legit program? Have you heard anything about it? The MBA is accredited by all the legit US accreditation institutions. Tuition also costs half the price that it does in the US, so it seems like an all around win win situation. Please let me know what you think.

Here are their websites both in the US and in TW:
kellstadt.depaul.edu/Program … Taiwan.asp

The next cohort program begins in late April 2009 so I have to make a decision fast or wait another year. Please help!


Hi islanders :slight_smile:
How’s everything?

People, how about NCCU as a second choice? for the English MBA in taipei!
And…how about a third university outsideof taipei just to make sure i can get in somewhere!

(when i first planned my MBA i said to me… if i go there i want the best. However, there are aprox. 100 international students for 30 places…and i do not want to be out.) i guess i need to apply for other schools just to make sure…reduce the risk of being not chosen)

I just applied for GMBA at NTU. They already closed the applications…i just need to wait!

See u soon bloggers!

[quote]which schools do you guys think are the best in taipei after NTU? of course, with English MBA!
Zheng Da (sp?) is reputed to be the top Global MBA (read: English-spoken MBA), rankings wise here in Taiwan. NTU probably has the best prestige, but it is much newer than other choices of GMBA here in Taiwan (not that there are a lot of choices to begin with).

As someone pointed out in this thread, accreditation doesn’t mean anything to a potential employer. This is only something that matters to people pursuing additional graduate degrees. Trust me, no one in the HR dept. of insert name here company is going to be calling to check for AACSB accreditation.

I can also add that the program is 100% English. The profs will rarely (if ever) be native english speakers, but there are no classes taught in other languages.

My fiance just got accepted into the GMBA program today. She is ecstatic. She has yet to hear back from Zheng Da, so she doesn’t know where she will attend. Good luck to all applicants!

That’s great! I got accepted too :slight_smile:

I’d like to congratulate all those who have been accepted. I’m currently a NTU GMBA student and I know that we’ll have the opportunity to meet. There’s an event coming up so keep your eyes open.