University not on Government list of approved Universities

I applied to HESS a few days ago and I just got an email back saying that my school was not on the list of approved universities that the Taiwanese government publishes. I am quite surprised by this as my school gives the same degree as any other school in Ireland and would actually be one of the “better” schools in Ireland. Upon graduation, I will be awarded an Honors Bachelors Degree in Chinese and International Business, which is a 4 year program and I even spent one year studying in National Chengchi University (政治大學) which is considered one of the best universities in Taiwan.

The only reason that I can think of that my school is not on the list is that it is called an Institute of Technology which in other countries refers to a lessor school but in Ireland it is just a historical name and a reference to the past of the school.

Does anyone know how I would go about changing this, as I don’t understand why my school would not be approved. One other thing that could be the case is that in NCCU in Taiwan, my school was called Dublin University of Technology instead of Dublin Institute of Technology so maybe it is simply a name issue.

Is there any place that I can check the actual list of schools?


Yes it’s a name issue, a friend of mine here was at DKIT where he studied a 3 yr diploma followed by an extra 2 years to bump it up to a degree. He was told that oh no no no that is not a university or even a college! He had a lot of grief but I think after a few letters and a stamp of approval(I think ) from the Taiwan office in Dublin he managed to get his ARC. Now that was about 9 years ago but it was definitely a name issue which beggars belief as MIT has a similar name but is of course accepted.
I would contact the Taiwan trade office in Dublin. They are a the equivalent of an embassy/government office and they should be able to help you.

Thanks Irishmoe, I hope it can be resolved. I have had a lot of dealings with the Taipei representative office before and there is an Irish guy there who is beyond a joke. I am pretty sure that he has never even been to Taiwan. Anyway, I think I can get it resolved now because my school has a lot of dealings with the embassy as we study in Taiwan so I think I should be able to get some sort of letter of approval… hopefully.

As the MOE in Taiwan does not list any of the Irish ITs on their list of recognized universities people with degrees from these institutes are required to get their qualification certified for its authenticity. The process is quite straight forward but may take some time. This is the process I went through a number of years ago, it may have changed since then.
Firstly, send the original degree to the department of education in Ireland they will verify that the degree is authentic. Once your degree is returned with a nice stamp on the back from the DoE bring it to the Taiwan office in Dublin. They will then verify the stamp and signature from the DoE and place another stamp on on the back of your degree. Bring your degree to Taiwan and get a job!