Unknown Species Fest (punk/metal/indie) Aug 14/15

I know there’ve been a few posts from people looking for music festivals of a less commercial nature.

The organisers of Unknown Species have managed to pull together a really solid lineup of local bands, with a few from further afield too.

I’m personally looking forward to seeing;

Go Chic
My Skin Against Your Skin
The Tic Tac
Boyz & Girl
Hangin’ In The Air
Touming Magazine

You can see the schedules here…
Saturday 14 August 2010 - gigguide.tw/event-1784
Sunday 15 August 2010 - gigguide.tw/event-1785

or check out their website: unknown-species-fest.blogspot.com/

That’s about a 5 min walk from my apartment - you can actually see my building in the video on their site.

Are you suggesting an after-party!? Great idea!

sweet. i’ll bring a bunch of people from Summer Aquarian to Craig’s house, too!

We’ll probably be away this weekend so would one of you party guys feed the cats while you’re there? :slight_smile: