Unlimited 4G Internet 499NT/Month, offer until 5/15 @ Chunghua Telecom (CHT)


My colleagues just went crazy about this, maybe interesting for some people: Mothers day Special at Chunghwa Telecom (CHT), available from today until . As far as I understand:

  • 30 Months contract (maybe won’t give you if your ARC is valid for less than 30 months?)
  • 499NT/Month
  • unlimited Internet
  • Free calls within CHT
  • 90min/month free calls to other mobile providers and landline.

Alternatively, limited to 12GB/month and less free calls: 299NT/Month.

Mothers day special description: https://www.cht.com.tw/aboutus/messages/msg-180508-221350.html

Detailed description: https://www.emome.net/channel?chid=106&pid=3970

Or for 599/Month if you want a new phone with it: https://www.emome.net/channel?chid=106&pid=3968

$499 unlimited data 4G at Chunghua

That’s quite a deal.


Coworkers are also talking about this. Apparently, people who are already in contracts are complaining about how this offer wasn’t available when they signed up… idiots. :doh:


My LINE groups and colleagues are talking about this.

I got excited for a half second and then realized I still have 12+ months on my contract. Oh well.


My contract is over with CHT but I still use their service. Can I get this? and is it 4G?


As far as I understand: Yes & Yes


and I’m a mom, so I really should get this. Wow! i’ll go check it out.


They are also offering $599 on a one year contract, unlimited data and 40 minutes free calling inter network, 40 minutes out of network and 10 minutes to city phones every month.

Its a good deal but I’m with Ya Tai paying $249 for unlimited data currently.


As long as it isn’t one of those “for new customers only” deals.


Taiwan Mobile has a similar deal right now, I think it is $499 unlimited 4G, one year contract, 30 min free talk, with first 5 min of every call free.

Unfortunately the motorola phone I brought over with me doesn’t do 4G here.


That sounds even better - less contract time, and I like their network speed a bit better than CHT’s :slight_smile:

Here it is - again a Mother’s day Special:


As far as I can tell 24 months (not 12), but apart from that the same as the CHT offer.


I wonder what the stores are looking right now.

It’s normally a pretty long wait time on weekday evenings and weekends, can’t imagine what it’s like after these promotions.


Yeah you’re right, this one is online only, i.e. locals only



You would be surprised at how cheap it is to break contracts.
I left CHT midway and only payed 50NT to break a 2 year contract.
Ask your carrier.


Yeah, I stand corrected. A few friends are reporting they are paying under 100NT to break their contracts and switching to the promotion plans.

I guess it’s worth a shot. Not sure if they will allow me to sign since my ARC expires in a year. Gotta give customer service a call before I get in line at the store.


Hmm… I tried using my ARC number, didn’t complain - but ends up on an error page “This page is temporarily unavailable”. had to use the chinese name though, since it won’t allow names long enough for most “western” names…

Update: Maybe really only for locals… popup says:



FYI for those already on CHT (and can speak Chinese)

Call 800 on your phone for customer service.


Yup locals only.
I was a former customer and tried to get it, they said I could but only on a two year contract. Locals only for one year

I made a formal complaint and they stood by their refusal. Foreigners need to apply in store only with 2 yr contract. The guy told me to use my local friend and put it in their name.
I went with another company instead, as they obviously think foreigner money isn’t as good.

The irony in all that is they are running that ad online with a foreign woman as the model looking shocked and saying “oh my god” but that deal isn’t available to us lol


NT$100 to break a cell phone contract? These Taiwanese carriers are weak, they should learn from the Great Land of America carriers like Verizon and AT&T:

“Oh, you want to break your contract? Sure, we can do that for you. You just need to pay us US$17,250 and hand over the lifetime earnings of your firstborn son, marriage rights to a daughter, the title to your home (substitution of a vacation home is acceptable), and recite our Terms of Service backwards four times in falsetto while watching repeats of Seinfeld. We value your business.”


Taiwan Mobile has always been quite good for me honoring “online only” deals in store if you explain the ARC number won’t work on the website. There are two different offerings–the 12 month one is only for new customers while current customers can use the 24 month offer.

For foreigners who want to sign up to APT and their $x99 plans