Unlimited 4G Internet 499NT/Month, offer until 5/15 @ Chunghua Telecom (CHT)


My wife tried last night but it didn’t like her ID #.


Sometimes people have too recent contracts and must apply in person.

Ehem, if someone in Taipei really needs to apply, Auntie Peng knows of an office that is not that horrendously crowded. PM if needed.


Apparently it is at their discretion whether they require it or not.


For online, I had to use my passport number and then add my aprc number as a secondary ID. It wasn’t easy but I was able to do it.


Clusterfuck, clusterfuck is the word you’re looking for there. Alternatively you can use the CFK emoticon: :flog:


As a non Native, I am hesitant to use certain words that convey a stronger emotional meaning, less I use them in the wrong context.


I got mine this afternoon. Just walked in to a CHT shop in a busy part of Taipei at lunchtime. Don’t know if I was just lucky or what, but I did not have to wait longer than a minute. When I arrived there were a few customers in the shop waiting around. After one minute a counter became free and voila, I was done in less than 10 minutes. However when I left each counter had a line a few people deep, but even then I imagine the whole process could not have taken too long - the CHT employees were signing people up like on an assembly line!


Mine hasn’t been activated yet -_- maybe I got duped.


…Or they are dealing with millions of activations ahead of you.

One or the other :slight_smile:




If it’s been over 12 (or was it 24?) hours and hasn’t activated, try restarting your phone.


They told me it will take a few days before it is activated due to the high volume of new customers - my estimate was the 18th or 19th.

On another note, am I reading this correctly? https://web-eshop.cdn.hinet.net/campaign/4g469/4g469.html?_ga=2.181023591.1537330271.1526423204-1557828844.1525992204
It seems they are offering a 24 month unlimited for $469. I mean I got the $299 deal because it is more than sufficient, but still…


limited to 21mbps seems to be the catch?

They want the entire island on board now, keep rolling out the data deals.

The $299 deal is great, I used to buy 1GB x 180nt twice a month!


OK, makes sense. Thanks for the info.

Yes, I am happy with the $299 deal, especially as I was still using prepay since arriving earlier this year because I was reluctant to pay so much for a contract.


I have been prepaid for 3 years -_-

This contract was just really good. I also got an internet contract for 2 years so why not get a data contract too.


How about MOD/internet specials? Any good ones out there?


Got my mod/internet in Feb for $1109 a month.


100m down 40m up


I’m using APTG and they inform me that I could apply NTD499 within this month but it will implement only next year, another option if I will apply new phone they will not offer NTD499.


RIP the smaller players Taiwan star and YaTai APTG

Although I assume that was their plan all along, payback for them stealing customers in the past few years.

The upside is my Yatai line just got a lot faster, I guess people jumped ship