Unlimited 4G Internet 499NT/Month, offer until 5/15 @ Chunghua Telecom (CHT)


They have even better deals now, check into the 288$ unlimited offer at 21mbps speed they have now. I think you can renew to that.

What are you paying them now?


i’m paying 988, also thinking how not having this internet.




yes it is too expensive and meaningless.
When I’m home got internet and when at the office got internet so it was really a waste of money.


One million fine, buahahaha!


I think CHT bosses can wipe their ass with 1mil ntd


Well it says they have accumulated fines of at least 7 million ntd so far, if they to all the stores it would be tens of millions . It’s deeply embarrassing for their management.

They are also facing a huge fine from the NCC for what I could only translate as ‘causing a mess’.


What about all that overtime they have to pay employees?

That shiz ain’t going to fly under the radar.


Which is like shooting in the foot as CHT is a “state” company, like CPC. Wonder what is the political play behind this fiasco.

Before I get another Infowar picture on me, just as an example, recently all our phones were hit by automatic messages asking to vote for a certain candidate of a certain party. Now, I ocassionally get this at home, but thsi si a government agency. And it affected all phones. From what I heard, the same ad was broadcast to other agencies. Now, how did CHT cooperate to do something like that? How much money was involved? Who authorized putting the ad on government agencies lines? You smell something stinky too?


Okay so Fareastone didn’t handle my $299 deal properly, it didn’t get activated yet and while I was in Taipei I went to a big fareastone and that guy phoned the branch where I signed up for the deal and because I am a laowai I need to pay a deposit of $2400nt which I am totally cool with and even had $4000nt on me the day I went to sign up. I am just annoyed that I need to go back to the small branch I signed up at and prob have to wait in line to get this sorted out.

I need to pay $2400nt deposit for the $299 deal with Fareastone


Man, that would be enough to me to think twice about getting a 30 months attachment with such lost people…


Same here. I would choose to pay a cancellation fee and head over to CHT than pay a deposit.


yeah kinda fucks me off


Keep the receipt. After you complete the contract, they should give you the money back.


Eh CHT was also asking deposits from atogas.


I just don’t understand why they are keeping a deposit


Because they cannot trust atogas, we are all liars and cheats.*

*read above statement with dripping sarcasm


If you don’t pay your bill, you won’t have data. So what does it matter, they will be losing money if anything because some people won’t want the deal because they must pay a deposit.

They are not giving you anything. It’s not like you have a cellphone with the data deal.

They give you a simcard? How much is that? 5nt?


I’m with FET too and have never had to give a deposit. Why would a cheaper contract require one? Particularly since I left their shop with a brand new phone. Very odd.


Taiwan Mobile since 2011, never needed a deposit…just another data point.