Unlimited 4G Internet 499NT/Month, offer until 5/15 @ Chunghua Telecom (CHT)


They’ll be lunching 5g in 2020. This is a way to get more people onboard and increase chances of an upgrade in 2 years time.

“Currently a user of our 4g? Upgrade to 5g at a discount! Don’t need 5g? Well you’re already giving us money for 4g so no worries mate!”


3g will be deactivated island wide by end of year. This offer is an attempt to lock those users in, since they need to change their sim anyway.


Sorry: they were talking about a general speed limit, not after x GB. So with such a 499 contract SIM card you would not get full maximum network speed, but would always be limited to a maximum of for example 21Mbit.


Took me 90mins in a line yesterday with Taiwan Mobile, place was packed. Luckily my contract had ended a few months earlier so I could just sign up for a new 2 yr one.


I am tied in to a similar deal but at twice the price, typically. “All you can eat” as they so eloquently described it .
Last time I went to the USA, I duly paid the fee for Wifi/cheaper call rates availabilty there ( monthly Basis I think ). Only made a few calls and the next Bill was about 6000 NT.
I guess a USA sim would be the way to go but I am a technophobe. Going to CA next week and wondering how you Muricans get deals from Changua Telecom ?


Guys does anyone know how to find out how much time you got in your contract? Aside from going into the madness of those lines…

I got video you wouldn’t believe.


Been trying. It’s clogged.


All offices of phone operators in my area are filled bumper to bumper.


My colleague said she heard the same thing.

That same colleague said her speed is throttled down after 6gb with her current CHT contract.


Man I am still on 3G


So what speeds can 4G reach? If it is not limited to 21mbps?

I don’t have a contract and I buy 1GB of 3G for $180 twice a month. :confused:

The $299 deal for 12GB right up my alley, but sacrificing a whole day this weekend sounds so meh


Just ran a speedtest.net on mine and got 59.9 Mbps download but only 7.43 Mbps uplaod. Highest download speed I’ve seen was 78.2 Mbps and highest upload was 41.8 Mbps.

I’m on Taiwan Mobile’s unlimited 4G for NT$599/month.


I did a speedtest on my 3G, 22,3Mbps download and 2.35mbps upload.


Somebody earlier hinted that Taiwan will be ending 3G by the end of the year. If that’s the case, you might start to get spotty coverage as they start to phase out 3G. I’m just speculating, of course. They may just shut them all down at once.

But, since there will be no 3G available, this 499/299NT deal might become the norm. Which would indeed make this the new Taiwan toilet paper craze…all for not.


I wonder what the prices will be after 5/15

500 and 300 nt lol


You should consider taking the current offer imo. 3G will be turned off by year end.


They will always have deals going. I got my 599 deal a year ago.

However, this current one is much better in the fact it has talk time and free talking within the network. Mine is just data. But, at the same time, if the rumors of it being a slower speed, I’ll stick with mine.


Wife went to chungwa in yilan at 6pm, got back home at 10.15pm.
we have our new contracts, so that’s good.


Out of curiosity, do us a favor and test the speed?


Playing around with the speedtest app and found the “Coverage” feature. Shows coverage of each carrier via a map of Taiwan. CHT definitely has better coverage in some of the remote areas and mountains than Taiwan Mobile. Something to consider when choosing.