Unlimited 4G Internet 499NT/Month, offer until 5/15 @ Chunghua Telecom (CHT)


Our sim cards will be active from tomorrow, so I’ll have to wAit.
I live in the middle of nowhere and signal isn’t great, so I’m not sure my test will be relevant for others, but I’ll give it a try once I swap sim cards.


Are we really assuming all these people that are getting the new CHT plans haven’t already been on 4G?

Maybe just a speculation that 4G speeds will slow down?

A lot of the times it really depends on location and traffic, right?


I am a long time CHT 4G user and compared to my home country, the coverage with them really is great, the speed not so much though.


I had to wait 150 numbers yesterday at one of the (supposedly) less busy branches. Waited for half an hour at the place. 10 numbers passed. Gave up and fucked off back to my apartment, cooked lunch, ate lunch, called and only 30 numbers had passed. Fell asleep for 2 hours and missed my place completely. “Sorry, shit out of luck.”
Trying again today.
Feel like this guy.


Huh? Was I assuming that by posting my speeds? I was only referring to my speeds specifically and mentioned I’m on 4G.

Not sure what you mean by this one either.

Yeah, I’m sure that’s the case.


Probably should’ve added some context…or drank more coffee before posting.

Some people are speculating that the mass move to 4G will slow down 4G speeds across all carriers, however, I’m assuming that most of these people are already on 4G, but just want a cheaper plan.

(I think) the point I was trying to prove was that your (or your colleagues) slow(er) speeds are due to location and traffic at that location. Not the mass move of people to 4G or the promotional plan that says there’s no drops in speeds.

If all that doesn’t make sense, I think I may refrain form posting today. Just…one of those days.


Wow I just realized how slow my speeds are. I never get above 10Mbps, and it is often half that, on Taiwan Mobile 3G (usually 3.5G, signal says “H”). I wonder if I am getting throttled or if it is because my phone is a North American model and it’s bands are not the same as Taiwan except a 3G one.

I feel dumb. Time for a new phone.


I have T-star and speed difference between Taipei and Yilan is absolutely huge. We’ve had the contract for 2+ years because we were able to get unlimited 4g data and decent phone/message options for 599, the best contract at that time. Data speed isn’t a huge concern to me, but I hope moving to Chunghwa from tomorrow will improve things a bit when I’m surrounded by our rice fields.

Btw, the pinyin for Chunghwa really messes with my brain, I always feel the need to write it like Zhonghua.


I agree.

She said her plan specifically states that after 6 gb, her speeds will be lower. You’re right, it has nothing to do with a mass move of people to 4G. However, I never said that was the reason. I only mentioned it because you said:

Her plan is exactly like this.


So I half made sense.

Any who, what was your experience like @Aikaili ?

A colleague grabbed a number at 1230PM yesterday and successfully switched to the CHT 499NT/month plan at 830PM.

From my small sample size of friends and colleague’s wait times, it’s roughly a 6-8 hour wait time. However, if you’re doing the 299NT/month for 12g of data, you can try doing it on the CHT website. A friend successfully went through the process and got approved in under an hour this morning.


Compared to my wife’s 4 hours in Yilan, it means that on average it may be quicker to drive/catch a bus from Taipei to Yilan, wait in line and then go back !


I didn’t get in last night. I checked around 5:30 pm and they were up to 1420. my number was 20… something. This morning, I stopped by to pick up another number and they had changed their process a bit to control the chaos. I had to wait in a short line for my number. The guys suggests that I come back at 8pm. So, my number that I picked up at 10:30…1986. Something tells me that I’ll get another number if I come back tonight?? Their run rate seemed to be about 100 per hour.


I want the 499 deal. I’m an internet hog and talk on Skype for my biz for hours. And since I have an APRC, my number won’t work, will it? I can check.


On the news they were showing one empty Chunghwa office, no wait…in Matsu.

Now, locals can go to any other place. Senao was also bursting last night, but there are many other private stores that can help people with the deals in Tageta or far East or CHT. Please tell your friends to go there so we atogas who are only allowed to use teh main offices can have a distant chance.


I was also thinking…what if I went to CHT over in Jinshan or maybe somewhere along the north coast with less people?

Probably not worth the trip. Next thing I know, I’ll arrive and I have to stay in Jinshan for 8 frekain’ hours.


Same here. And then I saw this:

Thanks for the info, @ranlee!


Now we have to decide to nuke a day of the weekend or get a deal in the future.


@ranlee foreign friend?


Local friend. It still doesn’t hurt to try though.

Another tip I hear from my LINE groups is to call CHT general customer service (0800080123) then transfer to the 4G customer service to check if you’re eligible or to check your cancellation fees.


That’s what I have been trying to do. It is 24 hours service line but late last night I had no success. Sniff, will try again.