Unlimited 4G Internet 499NT/Month, offer until 5/15 @ Chunghua Telecom (CHT)



CHT competitors are rolling out the same deals. I’m guessing telcoms here are going to lower rates across the board.


The offices of CHT at Taipei 101 handed out all numbers…at 7:30am.

The Legislative Yuan office is also full -even though you have to pass the security checks and must have gummit ID to enter.

They just had a press confernce. Authorities not happy with teh mess. This is much worse than the toilet paper chaos.

And the Hitler meme is back to express the unhappiness of the old customers struck in contracts for over 1300 ntd:

For your perusal:


Poor Adolf 8( feelsbadman


If I can’t move, I’ll be with him.

Seems there is also a deal on home Internet. Will verify.


Share any findings, I want to see my wife’s reaction to:“Hey you remember those 4 hours in line? You get to do them again for cheaper internet contract!”


Does anyone know if it’s available on a one year at the $499 price point with some carriers? I know cht said one year was $599

Ive seen 30 month contract being mentioned… but for those of us not sure how long we will eventually stay, a one year option would be nice.

Not sure how nasty the cancel fee would be otherwise


Again, why is she standing in line? she can go anywhere! Look, there is a store that can handle ocntracts for locals near my house in Xindian. It is only 45 minutes away. Tell her I will take her shopping to my favorite outlet.


This is so cheap … I pay the same amount just to keep a phone number in Canada. When I sign up for a new plan there I’ll easily pay 3000/month.


4 hours in line were at a small CHT store, not the main one…and it was in Yilan, no outlets for us…


Normal store for buying cellphones I mean. That is teh kind of office locals can go to. Some act as sellers of contracts with the telephone companies.

My bad. By outlets = stores that sell clothing, bags, etc. Your credit card, of course.




I almost don’t want to go because I know how much the employees much hate life right now. I am contemplating telling my riding buddies that I’m riding tomorrow, but really only getting up at 6AM to grab a number at CHT.

I really hope that having an ARC doesn’t complicate things and makes them do more work that necessary.


My wife told me that after our contracts were done she asked the girl at the counter:"What if CHT extends the offer past the 15th of May? " and the girl started having visions of the future like one of the Minority Report precogs and developed PTSD, as in PRE-traumatic-stress-disorder.


They used to have (actually all of them) a requirement that foreigners need to leave a deposit of $2400 to $2900 that you only get back when you close the line but after a bit of back and forth I’ve never had to leave a deposit.

That’s really the only glitch

And fet gets kinda cranky if your arc isn’t greater than a year left but the other two don’t care




It was an experience that’s for sure. Thankfully one of the managers let me push in line by some 300+ people after one of the staff there gave me some really wrong advice. Now to see if Paypal will accept my contract as being more proof of my ID than my ARC…


The NT$499 service package is a short-term promotion, available only for a week until Tuesday, the company said, adding that it does not promise that the plan would expire as scheduled.


The speeds in my area are quite good. Full signal. Have the new 299元 contract.

Chunghua Telecom (CHT) 4G
Download 74.3 Mbps
Upload 29,8 Mbps
Ping 19 ms


I still have the old 699NT 4G 吃到飽 from CHT

Down 122 Mbps
Up 39.3 Mbps